Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who is #SamRonan and Why I Think He should be Chair of the DNC?

I am not a Dem but their party has certainly been run into the ground by their so-called leadership. I think this fellow might be someone to bring the party into the next century.
“So many of those people who are disenfranchised thought the primaries were rigged against them and their candidates. The fact of the matter is, it’s true. The Democratic Party has not been open to outsiders and new members in our entire history, and if we want to bring those people back, we need to prove to them that we are willing to open the doors,” said Ronan during a DNC chair candidate forum on February 5. “The hard part, the truth, the reality is that we messed up as a party. We need to own that and hold our fellow Democrats accountable.”
I'm sure some of the ancien regime (and I do mean ancien) that are in charge do not want to hear this but it needs to be said. The party leadership rigged the election against Bernie and then simply held a coronation for a terrible candidate. Then the terrible candidate loses to a neophyte that has never run for office before. I think it is time that they listen to guys like Ronan who will try to lead the next generation of Dems forward. Whatever apparatus that forced Hillary on them should be dismantled and maybe we would get a half-way decent choice in 2020.

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