Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Good Idea @Microsoft: A “digital Geneva Convention” Is Just what we Need

I'm not sure how many countries would sign it but it is a great idea to pose for the UN.
The speech was echoed in a blog post on Microsoft's site that went up Tuesday morning.
The world’s governments need to pledge that “they will not engage in cyberattacks that target civilian infrastructure, whether it’s the electric grid or the political system,” Smith said.
This digital Geneva Convention would establish protocols, norms and international processes for how tech companies would deal with cyber aggression and attacks of nations aimed at civilian targets, which appears to effectively mean anything but military servers.
So no more Russia trying to hack the DNC email, or the Red Chinese hacking our companies, or even the USA going after our emails. It would hopefully prevent countries going after private businesses and regular people. Here is an extra idea as well. Make "Neutral Server Host countries" where data can be stored and hosted and if they are hacked it will be just like if Switzerland is invaded.  

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