Thursday, February 23, 2017

#TheMnuch Says Tax Reform by August Recess: @Congress you have your Orders

Now stop screwing around and get to work.
“We want to get [tax reform] done by the August recess,” Mnuchin added.
Currently, Congress is scheduled to leave Washington D.C. on July 28 and return to Capitol Hill on September 5.
As for the particulars of a plan, Mnuchin said that the border-adjustment tax that has been called “too complicated” by President Trump has some “very interesting aspects.” Mnuchin added that while the administration is “looking closely” at the issue, “there is a consensus on the majority of where we are on tax reform.”
Forget that border adjustment BS and pass a clean corporate and personal tax cut and pay for it in some other way. Or just use the dynamic scoring hand-wave to get past that hurdle. Or maybe introduce a VAT of some-sort like the Europeans do. In any case this is the only thing I want Congress to do so they need to hurry up and get it done.

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