Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Red Chinese Make Ties to Ivanka and Kushner: Smart Plan Indeed

I guess this is the back-channel for Sino-American diplomacy.
Ivanka’s public meeting -- lauded in China’s press -- came after behind-the-scenes meetings between Cui and Jared Kushner, her husband and a presidential adviser. Kushner and Cui have had an extensive ongoing dialogue that has been positive, according to a White House official who asked not to be identified because the meetings were private.
As countries around the world figure out how to influence the new U.S. administration, China is going straight to the top: Trump’s immediate family. In bypassing more traditional diplomatic channels such as the State Department, China is looking to open a more direct link to help avoid a trade war or military confrontation after Trump signaled a willingness to challenge Beijing’s red lines on Taiwan and the South China Sea.
Very canny Great Game move by both America and Red China. You bypass the leakers at State and the idiots in the press and make a back-channel right from the start. I guess it will be up to Ivanka to stop a war over the South China Sea or prevent some kind of trade problem between us. Maybe she will be able to do a bi-lateral deal that helps us get more American products sold in China and get our trade deficit back under control. In return we will probably see a few more Huawei phones and such at the local Sprint store.

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