Friday, February 03, 2017

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is Not Much of a Historian: 12th Century Baghdad Was Sacked by the Mongols

I think he needs to stick to physics and not dabble in history as much.
"The consequence of that is that you breed a generation of people who do not know what science is nor how and why it works," he reportedly said. "You have mortgaged the future financial security of your nation. Innovations in science and technology are the [basis] of tomorrow’s economy."
Tyson compared the modern United States to 12th Century Baghdadi society in present-day Iraq, which led the world in science and mathematics before a series of cataclysms led to its decline.
Baghdad flourished as a center of science but in 1258 it was sacked by the Mongols who killed most of the cities inhabitants, their Caliph, and destroyed vast amounts of the city. Unless someone does that to the US I think we would be good when it comes to science. Maybe not Climate Science anymore but what can you say? I figure Tyson can put Trump into the role of the Mongols but we are certainly stretching things there. 

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