Thursday, February 09, 2017

#TrumplessThursday: It's time to Make this a Thing

Well I'm going to try something new after reading a CNN article about Trump in the news and seeing the "Suggested Article" section have 5 other Anti-Trump Articles. Then you see the same thing in one news source after another. Conway is lying, Spicer is lying, liberals are making up fake news, his bathrobe is now a meme, and on and on. Even GQ which I thought was a mens fashion and lifestyle magazine is virulently anti-Trump. I don't agree with lots of his agenda but this hate is bordering on insanity.

So what I am suggesting is that on Thursdays you put your news feed on a Trump-free diet. If you see his orange mug and weird hair move on. If you see click-bait about Conway being Goebbels (just wait CNN is just getting started) or Bannon being the fourth horseman of the apocalypse then pass it by. Turn off Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. If you see John Harwood on CNBC mute him. He will probably say something anti-Trump and smarmy.

This has to go for social media too. You might need to ignore your Facebook for the day (or better yet delete it) because it has become a cesspool of anti-Trump hatred. I mean it is now just full of people making things up. I mean putting his Dad in Photo-shopped KKK robes is just grotesque. What is worse is the amount of people who believe it and share it again.

Also while you are at it ignore Trumps tweets. They are just him popping off about one thing or another. It makes him feel better so ignore them and move on. And if he tweets about your company don't do anything because its just his unfiltered opinion and it will pass. He doesn't have to power to lean on Nordstrom because they dropped his daughters clothing line. Congress has that power and they are too busy talking trash about one another to actually do anything.

In any case, if you see a picture of Trump, Conway, Bannon, or Spicer and its Thursday then simply do not click the article. If you see them on TV then change the channel. If you find yourself on CNN for any reason then change the channel. The problem is Trump-hate follows you into sports with some Patriots skipping a White House visit and, of course entertainment news, with aged pop stars wanting to blow up that selfsame White House. So I guess you just have to go radio-silent on Thursdays and just read a good book. I suggest this one about Prussia. I think this might be only way to keep things sane for 4 more years.   

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