Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I Think Trump Should Just Stop Interacting with CNN

It is obvious that CNN is the enemy camp judging from this kind of thing.
CNN’s relationship with the president’s counselor was first called into question by a New York Times report that claimed the network declined to have her as a guest on Sunday, in part due to “serious questions about her credibility.” Conway disputed that account in a Monday tweet in which she said family commitments kept her out of the studios for the Sunday shows. CNN’s communications team fired back with a tweet of its own that said the network’s premier Sunday show, “State of the Union,” “passed” after the White House “offered” Conway as a guest.
I am told that Trump is supposed to be loyal to his people. If CNN doesn't want Conway on their network then they should be ignored. Just cease all communications and avoid all interviews. Don't call on them in press briefings and ignore their tweets and such. They obviously want to do harm to his Presidency so simply ignore them for the time being. Kind of like Obama and Fox News back in the day.

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