Friday, July 29, 2005

3 Cheers for Bill Frist

Finally, some sense coming from Senate Republicans. Looks like Frist is going to break with W on Stem-Cell research. Maybe we aren't going to hand this whole new area of medicine off the Chinese or the Europeans. This is great for Stem-Cell companies who need to get fresh stocks of cells for lab work. At last common sense has trumped BS moral concerns.

The Brits don't fool around

Looks like the caught all 21 of the terrorist suspects in the London bombing. The Brits act fast and were able to nab them all before they snuck away. Too bad they weren't running the Tora Bora operation. We might have caught Osama instead of letting him escape like that.

UFCW ditches the AFL-CIO

Looks like the UFCW which is the Ultimate Fighting Champions Worldwide is jumping the AFL-CIO. I didn't know that the UFC was unionized. Oh wait, it is the The United Food and Commercial Workers that is leaving the AFL-CIO. Oh well, I guess the UFC is still under the iron grip of the AFL-CIO for the time being.

Kopple Coddles Terrorists

Looks like Moscow is up in arms over Nightline interviewing dispicable terrorist Shamil Basayev. And they should be because this guy should not get a prime ABC night time slot in which he can spew his hate. It's Jay Leno, David Letterman, and a guy that commanded people to shoot children in the back. Nightlines response is the worst part though:

Freedom of speech is never an issue when a popular person expresses an acceptable point of view, Koppel said at the end of Thursday's "Nightline."

"It is of real value only because it guarantees us access to the unpopular espousing the unacceptable," he said. "Then we can reject or accept it, condemn it or embrace it. No one should have the authority to make that decision for us. Not our own government; and certainly not somebody else's."

What do you mean embrace it? Embrace the taking of civilian hostages at a gradeschool and then machine gunning some of them when they tried to escape? And I love how Koppel calls this soulless terrorist "unpopular." I guess he is kind of like Amarosa in Koppels twisted mind. I think Nightline needs a little ethics on who they give the bully pulpit to. I have a feeling they would jump at the chance to interview Osama. And would probably call him "unpopular" as well.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Funny ad on Yahoo.

This ad really cracked me up. I clicked through even though I don't need an extended warranty for my car. I think the guys eyes are what makes the ad. He's so eager to give you your colonoscopy.

Interesting Thoughts from Microsofts Analyst Day

Hmm it seems that Microsoft is changing their corporate strategy going forward. I guess they are tired of being a staid concern and turning to a more growth oriented model again. This seems like a good idea for the stock price depending on what they do. Vista and Office 12 will of course sell like hotcakes because there is very little serious competitors for it. But I found this comment by Ballmer very interesting:

"If you get nothing else out of the whole day today, we are very, very, very serious and committed about driving our presence with that community, versus any and all competitors in the marketplace," Ballmer told analysts. "It is a job-one priority for our company, this transformation to services and the competition that it brings with Yahoo! and Google and everybody else."

They see their number one competitors as Google and Yahoo and not Linux and Oracle. So it looks like they are adding a higher margin services model to their slow growth software business. They seem to have already moved search to the desktop in Vista.

I would be willing to bet that internet sites will eventually show up in your search results. Depending on how good the results are people will use this rather then Google. So advertisers will end up paying top dollar for MSFT searches because they will end up in front of every Windows user and not just every person that surfs to Google.

As long as they leave a way to change the engine to another source they aren't trying for the monopoly on search. In fact they can say that anyone who wants to search further can just use IE 7.0 to do it.

The other services would be interesting to note and this Financial Times article has some possible ideas. They think they will be:

Besides existing services such as internet search and the Xbox Live online games service, new areas of interest were likely to involve communications, web-based storage and tools to help workers collaborate better, executives said at the company's annual analyst meeting.

So this means data warehousing which is a business that is growing quite well. They may try to do a Vonage type thing with internet phone calls. That would be a new and growing business that they can leverage Vista with. Finally, that collaboration thing could be an enterprise level version of Remote Assistance but with good encryption and security. Something that is similar to what GoToMyPC does. If they can take advantage of these areas MSFT could be a growth stock again.

Senators going ahead with the Tariff plan

Great, looks like Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer are going through with the bill that is going to impose 27.5% tariffs on Chinese goods. The Chinese already made a token move to revalue the Yuan but they look like they are going to stop doing it.

But imposing some insane tariff on *all* Chinese goods is not the way to fight back. A trade war is not something the US needs now. Also the WTO will strike this down so fast it will make your head spin. Rattling the sabre like this will only make many goods more expensive when Americans are groaning under high gas prices.

Both Snow and Greenspan are trying to talk these guys down. Let's hope these measures are defeated before they get any traction. A 27% raise in tariff will be like a 27% raise in taxes on regular working Americans that buy lots Chinese goods. In other words anyone who shops at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, JC Penny etc.

Brits nabbed 9 more in the Britain Bombings

Let's hope they catch all of these animals. What really sucks about this is that these guys were welcomed into Britain and given citizenship and even worked at business in the area.

Residents in Tooting said police had arrested three Turkish men who worked at and lived above a fast food restaurant selling halal burgers — made with meat slaughtered according to Islamic dietary laws. The restaurant owner, who gave his name as Ali, declined to identify the men but said they were aged about 26, 30 and 40. The oldest man had worked for him for eight years, and the other two had started about two months ago, he said.

They preyed on the kindness of the Brits who allowed them to enter their country and even keep their customs and traditions. One of them even worked for 8 years in the country and was still involved in this cowardly act.

This is the worst kind of betrayal. The Brits gave them a right to better life, freedom, and happiness and they stabbed them in the back. In fact this seems to me like a worse betrayal then 9/11 because the terrorists were Saudi's that infiltrated our country with work visas etc. They were outsiders worming their way in. The Brit terrorists in some cases are actual citizens who made lives for themselves in Britain. They were on the inside enjoying all the prosperity and freedom that the Brits could give them. Let's hope they get the death penalty.

They finally forced out DaimlerChrysler's CEO

I think it is about time they gave Juergen Schrempp his walking papers. It's kind of sad that a company sacks their CEO and the their stock jumps 10%. I guess that is the discount a stock trades at for poor leadership at the top spot. And judging by analyst comments they seem to be dancing in the street. Check out this one:

"This is the day I've been waiting for," said JP Morgan automobiles analyst Philippe Houchois. "It's a wonderful day for the auto industry as a whole."

Now that's cold. Not only does Schrempp lose his job but analysts are saying that the whole industry is made better by him getting fired. The company is better, the industry is better, and damn it the whole world is better with Schrempp out on his ass!

Nature in all is Gory Glory

They need to kill off these weird mice to help these poor seabirds. I would hate to be eaten alive in the manner that these birds are.

In a pattern only ever seen on Gough Island, one mouse attacks a chick and the resultant blood appears to attract others, who gnaw into the defenceless chick's body, creating a gaping wound until it dies.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Good news for beleaguered Automakers

Looks like those incentives are really bringing in the buyers. This part was interesting though:

A recent survey conducted by Kelly Blue Book and Harris Interactive revealed that 51% of people who plan to buy or lease a car within a year say they won't pull the trigger without incentives.

Further, 67% of those polled say the promotions impact which model they choose while 71% say the availability of these discounts affects the timing of their potential purchase.

Buyers seem like they really need these incentives or they won't buy the car. I like how the article uses the word "addicted" That is truly what they are if they won't even buy the car unless it is offered at a sale price or with cash back or something.

Looks like we are getting out of Iraq by next year

I guess the generals are feeling that the Iraqi's can run with the ball. Also they know that our presence is making things worse and not better. All we are doing is spreading resentment here and making more people join the insurgency. The quicker we hand off the protection tasks to the Iraqis the sooner the insurgency will collapse. This is the funny part of the article though:

A USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll published in USA Today said 32 percent of respondents believed the United States could not win the war in Iraq. Another 21 percent said it was possible the United States could win but they did not believe it would.

Um, hmm we already won the actual land war part of it and the elections showed that we are winning the political war. So what does USA Today call a "win" anyway? If we kill every insurgent in the country? Or if we make Iraq to 51st state? Maybe we can make Iraq a fiefdom of the Bush family and then USA Today will call it a "win." I love how these polls are manipulated.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Amazon's Revenues way up

Too bad that free shipping is cutting into their bottom line. Their revenue numbers seem to be pretty outstanding though. They also seemed to have surprised the Street with that 16 cent vs. 12.5 cent consensus. This is the best news though:

Looking ahead, the company forecast third-quarter net sales between $1.76 billion and $1.91 billion and operating income between $60 million and $90 million.

Analysts on average have predicted third-quarter sales of $1.8 billion.

That sounds like a nice rise in expectations. I have been buying more and more from Amazon and their free shipping is the reason why I am doing so. I wouldn't sign up for the Amazon Prime service though because of the Super Saver Shipping deal they are still running seems like a better deal to me. Also Amazon Prime doesn't ship to Hawaii so I guess it doesn't matter if I liked the deal or not.

EA feeling the Pain

Electronic Arts loses $58 Million in this past quarter. They also lowered both their revenue and their earnings numbers for the whole year. I guess the fall-off before the new consoles is really eating into EAs bottom line. I'm sure they are hoping that some of the titles that they are bringing out for those new consoles are going to be hits. If not then this stock will be a great short candidate for a few more quarters.

Ice Cream Sales Way Up

Looks like that hot weather in the middle part of the US is pushing up Ice Cream sales. Sounds like a good deal to me. Too bad a company like Cold Stone isn't publicly traded though. A 32% increase in revenue is nothing to sneeze at.

Their ice cream is great but it is really pricy though. I like to get the chocolate with the Oreo mix-in but it's like $4.00 or so. It really isn't worth it when you can just buy a regular pint of Ben & Jerry's or a 2 scoop sundae from Baskin & Robbins for cheaper.

2 New Witnesses in the Holloway Disappearance

Looks like they found 2 new people that supposedly saw the various suspects moving around at 2:30 AM in the morning. The first witness who is a gardener says that:

According to Twitty, the witness said van der Sloot tried to hide his face with his hands as he drove to the Racquet Club with two Surinamese brothers, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe. The brothers were detained as suspects and later released.

Hmm, good eyesight for 2:30AM in the morning. I would have had a hard time seeing what a driver is doing with his hands at night but I guess this guy has really good night sight. The second witness said:

A second new witness told a private investigator hired by Holloway's family that she saw van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers drive into the Racquet Club three times that same night. The woman, who lives near the nightclub, has not yet spoken with investigators, he said.

Hmm, I guess a car driving back and forth 3 times would wake someone up but how does she know who was driving the car. I guess this Racquet Club is very well lit or something. The weird thing about all this is why the stepfather is talking about this stuff and not the Aruban authorities? They need to start giving people periodic updates or something so we don't get this second hand leaked info.

I'm still smelling coverup though. These 2 witnesses suddenly appear out of nowhere and can recognize people they have never saw before at 2:30AM. Sounds strange to me.

DC Comics coming out for the Week of July 27

» THE FLASH #224

Looks like it will be a bigger week then normal for me. I will be picking up Flash #224, Superman/Batman #21, and OMAC Project #4. They all seem like great books and luckily I have them on my pull list so I don't have to worry about getting down to the store early on Wednesday.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Thracian Riches Found

This is quite a haul from a Thracian Tomb in Bulgaria. The strange thing about these people is that they had no alphabet so much of their society has been lost in antiquity. That is kind of sad in a way. The Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks etc have all become immortal because they left their writings behind. What wnet down in the Thracian society can only be hinted at. They really seemed artistic though. This wreath that they made is a real work of art:

American Unions disintegrating?

Who would have thought that the Teamsters and the SEIU would break their ties with the AFL-CIO? I guess they are getting tired of the AFL spending their dues on backing the Democratic Party. This guy really raises an interesting proposition though:

Robert Bruno, a labor expert at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said having two union coalitions may boost organizing and political activity. "When nonunion workers have options, when they have competing unions vying for their membership, they'd be more likely to join," Bruno said.

Maybe FedEX and Wal-Mart workers can now shop around to see what the best union would be to help their wages and such. Competition is usually a good deal when it comes to things like this.

Hanoi Jane to be Baghdad Jane?

Looks like Jane Fonda is getting ready to oppose our men and women in Iraq with a nationwide bus tour. I figure it won't be long before she poses for pictures with her arm around Al-Zaqarwi. She is going to say that the insurgents are "freedom fighters" and "patriots." Maybe she can embed herself with the insurgents and be photographed pretending to shoot an RPG at a Stryker.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Terrorists Bomb Egypt

Looks like the terrorists are getting pretty froggy now. They just bombed the resort city of Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt. Everyone is right about these guys not being about Islam at all. They just want to kill the maximum number of people that don't think exactly like them. That means even though you are a good, devout Muslim you can be killed at any time by these cowards. I think some Imams need to post a Fatwa about suicide bombing or something.

MSFT calls new OS: Vista

Well looks like they finally got rid of the Longhorn nickname. I agree that the name is much easier to say then the older versions and doesn't sound too "computerish." Also it's good to see them going away from the year of release as well. That made the thing seem obsolete a few years later. They should make the next Office without a year also. Maybe Office Vista edition or something.

Ouch this must Really Hurt!

Oh oh, looks like we will be seeing this again and again on the sports bloopers shows. She just cut her nose so she wasn't seriously hurt.

Here are the scum that bombed the British trains

They look like the kind of people that wouldn't draw attention before blowing themselves up. I hope the Brits catch these guys and give them what they deserve. The guy with the New York sweatshirt is really a bastard too. I have a feeling that there is some kind of symbolism there.

Army raising recruiting age to 42

Looks like the Army is hurting for recruits and is willing to take older people now to fill out their quotas. I have a feeling that there will be a draft here before too long. Then the Vietnam comparisons will come out in full force.

A whole article about tequila and no mention Patron

Here is an interesting article about how tequila is made and the different companies that are making it. It is becoming very popular in the US as well. They didn't mention anything about Patron though. That seems to be the tequila of choice nowadays.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

More GTA: San Andreas Fallout

Now they are slapping an A (Adult) rating on the game. This is the stupid part that I keep reading in these hit pieces against the game:

Walker's explanation did little to mollify critics, who point to the "Grand Theft Auto" series to highlight the issue of violence and sexuality in video games. The games celebrate nihilistic killing, and Take-Two has reveled in its image as the bad boy of a $25-billion global game industry that's trying to gain respectability to match its profits.

Um, the game doesn't celebrate nihilistic killing. You really aren't forced to kill people to score points like in a game like 25 to Life. And the funny thing about all this is they slapped the game with this A rating only after the sex scenes were revealed. The nihilistic killing only gave the game a M-rating.

This guy needs to get beat up (figuratively)

How can you teach people to conserve water by wasting it for a year? This is supposed to be the driest season in Britain since 1976 as well. Mark McGowan sounds like a nutjob and needs someone stage a counter demonstration. Have someone go into the the gallery and turn off the tap every time it is turned on. That person can stage a sit in to turn off the faucet and or block McGowan from coming near it. If McGowan gets froggy then slap him down for it.

London Bombed Again

It happened again but this time with not much damage though. It doesn't look like the work of cowardly suicide bombers but just people leaving bombs behind. They seemed pretty weak too because one supposedly blew up near one of the guys as he ran away. Looks like London may have gotten lucky here. They better catch these guys before they really do some damage though.

China Finally revalues the Yuan

Well they finally went and did it. Too bad it is only by 2.1% though. It did throw bond markets into a frenzy though because traders are thinking that the Chinese are going to dump bonds and move rates higher. Their money looks a little like Monopoly Money though. (Well Maonopoly anyway) Check it out:

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Germans remember Coups Plotters

It's about time they commemorated these guys. They were kind of heroes of the German cause even though they failed. If they would have succeeded in killing Hitler they would have spared Berlin and much of Germany from devastation. It would have saved the lives of countless American, Russian, British and German soldiers. It may have even changed the face of the Cold War because the Soviet Bloc (and NATO) may never have come about. All this from putting a briefcase on the wrong side of a table divider.

Zell Miller is an Upstanding guy

He returned $156,668 that is legally his even though he didn't have to. He even returned it with interest as well. Now this is the kind of guy that the Dems need to make up with and push into the limelight. He seems like an honest man that cares about the taxpayers so much he returns their cash even though he doesn't have to. And he is from a Red State as well.

Oh wait isn't Zell this screaming red-faced guy? Hehe, oh well.

Idiotic Game Censorship Again

I guess Hillary is just that good. Rockstar just changed GTA: San Andreas to adults only bowing to pressure from stupid people. They didn't even make the mod that unlocked the thing. The stuff in question was on the disk but was inaccessible to the player.

But these stiff-necked parents groups jumped all over Rockstar who just caved like wimps. They should have fought it out a bit instead of rereleasing a game that groups like The Parents Television Council will not even play in the first place. The funny thing is these groups jumped on the game for showing a *gasp* a sex scene but the parts where you can cut the throat of a cop from behind was left in the game.

Now all this is going to do is drive up the price of the altered version of the game on the secondary market. It would be a good opportunity to buy as many copies of the current version as you can and sell them in a few weeks or months at a premium.

Ebay doing great

Looks like Ebay is back on the winning track. Revenue is up 40% and profits are up 53%. They even raised estimates for the year. That is outstanding growth any way you slice it. I guess all the rumors about their execution problems in the past are behind them. I said this is a good stock to watch and looks like their fine execution made good my faith.

Scotty to beam up.

Well Scotty passed away today. I had no idea that he landed on D-day as was machine gunned in the war. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy on the convention circuit from what I hear. Sorry to see him go.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pension Plans cutting into HPs bottom line

Hmm I guess this is one of the reasons why they cut 14,500 jobs. Who knew the HP Way would cost so much money:

Even so, the company had to contribute $1.2 billion to its pension and post-retirement benefit plans in 2003 and $613 million in 2004. In the company's last annual report, HP said it expected to spend $910 million meeting those obligations in 2005.

The savings looks pretty good but they are still trailing their rivals pretty badly. IBM is beating them in servers and consulting and Dell is beating them in PC sales. IBM is being hit hard by paying out the pensions also though.

Even with the changes, IBM expects to spend up to $1.1 billion this year to shore up its defined-benefit pension plans for international workers, and already contributed $1.7 billion to its U.S. fund in January. IBM's chief financial officer, Mark Loughridge, said Monday that pension costs continue to rise.

That's $2 billion just to support retirees. Good thing IBM is growing their business pretty well so they can absorb this cost.

Bush chooses John Roberts for the Supreme Court

Well, W went and did what I think is going to be a bad idea. He picked some white guy that will probably run directly into the partisan buzzsaw. I think he rushed the nomination to deflect the Rove mess that seems to be spreading over everything like kudzu.

Now he gives up his chance at history by putting a Hispanic on the Supreme Court. He even defied his wife by not picking a woman as well. Maybe, he is going to try for a woman or a Hispanic person when Rehnquist retires. But getting Roberts through will probably be a monumental task. The deems are already getting mad because they weren't consulted on the thing according to lea:

"There has been some reaching to Democrats but certainly not to the extent we saw during the Reagan administration or the Clinton administration," he said.

Yup, so their initial story will be they weren't consulted on the nomination so they are going to be four-square against it. (They probably would have been no mater what though.)

If W had a squeaky clean Hispanic or another woman (or a Hispanic woman) up there, they could have made the deems seem to be standing in the way of history. They may have even been able to play the race card depending on how the deems phrased their rhetoric. Now they have to push some white guy through. Good luck W. You are going to need it.

Dark Chocolate reduces blood pressure?

Now dark chocolate which is rich in flavonoids is supposed to lower blood pressure? In the study:

For 15 days, half ate a daily 3.5 ounce (100 gram) bar of specially formulated, flavonoid-rich dark chocolate, while the other half ate the same amount of white chocolate.

This specially formulated bar is just what chocolateers like Hershey's and Cadbury needs to come out with. Some kind of healthy chocolate bar that is rich with flavonoids and is good for reducing blood pressure. Call it the Flavo-Bar or something like that.

$5 million for a topless shot of Diaz?

Wow, now that is some serious money just to see Camron Diaz topless. At least this guy is going to go to jail for blackmailing her though. He should have just sold the photos and collected the cash. They probably wouldn't have scrutinized the documents so well if he wasn't so greedy.

Actually, Camron should just do a nude scene in a movie so it would drop the price of any further topless shots floating around. Or simply do a tasteful shoot by an artistic photographer and collect the big bucks herself.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Interesting Post about Moral Equivalence

This is a great post about how moral equivalence is not a new invention of the loony left. The anti-war loons have been practicing for a long time and in this post they mention a little bit of it from WWII.

The funny thing about these pacifists is trying to figure out what it would take for them to fight and kill for something. I guess it wasn't the threat of death on himself and family because the Blitz had been going on for some time when D.S. Savage wrote this screed in 1942.

What would it take to get these guys to fight back. I guess bombing from the air and the threat of invasion is not enough. Would this guy pick up a rifle if the Germans were actually landing the boats? Or would he stay a pacifist to the very end when he is put up against the wall and shot?

The same goes for the anti-war crowd today. Do we wait until they start chopping off peoples heads and daily bombing starts in the US like it was Israel? Or do we acquiesce to Al-Quida and wrap our women up like mummies and stone them if they drive a car? I guess these pacifists will just continue to say "not in my name" until a true totalitarian theocracy (they will say one is already in place) takes over. And then they can march in front of that black Ali Akbar banner with their principals to protect their necks from the sword.

DC Comics coming out for Week of July 20th

» ROBIN #140

I would probably be getting Birds of Prey #84, The Flash Secret of Barry Allen (I didn't even know this was coming out) and JSA Classified #1 which tells the origin of Power Girl. Should be a pretty good week I should think.

War of the Worlds Anti-American Subtext?

This screenwriter, David Koepp has really lost his mind if he thinks the US are the bloodthirsty martians and Tommy Cruise is the insurgency. What is funny about this rather then the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith anti-Bush flap is that this LLL (Loony Liberal Lefty) actually said these things. So we have the screenwriter of a million dollar movie bad-mouthing the troops. I guess this LLL thinks that the brave insurgency are the Worlds new minute men. Fighting for repression, Shaira justice, and the misogynist way. The funny thing is if Mr. Koepp was captured by these brave anti-imperialists he would be beheaded in short order his sympathies for them not withstanding.

Why are atheists so hated?

Upon reading the article mentioned in the last entry I was thinking about why atheists are so hated in America. Well, here is what I think. Believers look at non-believers as potential souls to save. These souls aren't mixed up in some other intractable (and hard to understand) religion like Shinto or Islam so they are really a clean slate for Jesus.

Also I think many religious Americans want to go out of their way to be PC when it comes to other peoples religious belief. So you don't hear too much about stealth Baptists sneaking into Riyadh in order to turn the Muslims into good Christians. (Even though that would be a good way to martyr themselves for the cause.) However you do see them go after atheists hammer and tongs. They think that if you testify to the person then you have a convert and have personally saved that persons soul from hell.

Then when the atheists hit back, saying they don't want to hear about your book or your testimony (or worse yet belittle the believers beliefs) the faithful rise up in fury. They think "I'm trying to save you from hellfire here and you don't want to listen?" Some atheists can be pretty insulting in their rejection of what is a core belief for the testifying person. They belittle the person as small-minded or believing in fairy tales. Or they have been duped by an organized religion that has been the cause of strife for centuries. I think being called an idiot for believing in something that they hold close to their heart would make anyone mad.

Add this to the fact that atheists are portrayed as totally lacking moral fiber of any kind and you can understand the hatred directed toward them by the faithful. Their religion teaches them morality and how to act when around temptations. So they think that someone without religion hasn't been taught this basic thing at all. This is of course wrong but it doesn't matter to the believer. They figure that not only are you saving their soul you are bettering civilization by putting this moral degenerate back on the strait and narrow.

Add this to the fact that the majority of Americans are in some sort of organized religion and you have a very volatile combination. I think the idea that atheists have of calling themselves something non-religious is a good one. Calling themselves "brights" isn't though because you are rubbing it in the face of believers that the atheists are smart and the believers are dumb. I think they should call themselves some sort of nonsense word like Ebay or Haagen Daaz or something. That way they can get away from religious terms and also not go around insulting the majority of Americans.

Atheists on the Warpath

Looks like the atheists are getting motivated and organized. I have to disagree with this assessment though:

If all goes as planned, says Ellen Johnson, longtime president of American Atheists, at least one presidential candidate will be courting their vote in 2008.

Umm, I don't think so. The atheist Candidate will get laughed out of the room when the evangelical get a hold of them. Appealing to the religious in America is the only way to win the White House. Even a supposedly lapsed-Catholic like Kerry got religion all of the sudden. Even Hillary Clinton is wearing her religious stripes on her arm. Trust me, all of the candidates no matter what their belief will go out of their way to court that massive religious voter block.

Jude gets down with the Nanny

Wow, Jude Law got horizontal with the nanny and it looks like it messed up his engagement. I guess some of those randy Brit actors can't keep faithful for very long. Or they just like those affairs with the hired help. A la Beckam with his assistant.

Friday, July 15, 2005

GE posts record profits

Wow, all 11 GE businesses divisions have double-digit earnings growth? That sounds great to me. Must have been some awesome execution going down. The next quarters may not be so hot because they narrowed the range to $1.80-1.83 but didn't raise these estimates. Also their revenue seemed to be a bit lower then estimates. I seems like it would be a decent core holding with a good growth rate and still selling at a fairly low PE. I wish they would raise their dividend though.

Biblical Scroll Fragments Found

This is a pretty cool discovery at Nachal Arugot, a canyon near the Dead Sea. The scrolls are from the Book of Liviticus and are pretty dinky. The Bedouin that found them wanted $20K for them but ended up settling for $3K. Not too bad for a tiny piece of animal skin. Here is a pic of the piece from the AP:

China Better Sack this guy

This is really some irresponsible talk. The US and China seems to be getting along quite well and this guy, Zhu Chenghu opens his bag mouth. He said:

"If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition onto the target zone on China's territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons," he told an official briefing for foreign journalists.

Is that a threat Zhu? So if we try to protect Taiwan from an invasion will the Chinese will nuke us? In any case this idiot should get fired for this kind of statement.

This is a neat new Invention

Sharp is bringing out a TV that has a different screen if you view it from the right or the left. Too bad it is going to be priced at double the price of a regular TV. If it was less then two TVs it would be a good value. It is still be a neat curiosity gadget though.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hillary vs. GTA: San Andreas

Looks like Hillary is getting all huffy about GTA: San Andreas for the PC. She says that:

We should all be deeply disturbed that a game which now permits the simulation of lewd sexual acts in an interactive format with highly realistic graphics has fallen into the hands of young people across the country," Clinton wrote in a letter to the head of the Federal Trade Commission.

Um, Hillary the game is rated M (Mature 17+) so no "kids" should have the game unless it fell into their hands due to idiot parents. Since this is a game mod too that is causing all the controversy then Take-Two really can't do anything about that. There are lots of game mods that allows you to make characters nude and such floating around the internet.

Also lest we forget is was Hillary's husband that subjected this nations' young people to all sorts of sordid things just a few years ago. Hey but pixelated characters in some video game is *much* worse then the Pres getting serviced by a civil servant and then hearing about it endlessly on the evening news.

Rove Leak getting Old

Why can't these idiots just wait for the investigation to finish up before they lob bombs at Rove. If he is found guilty then he should resign with an apology. If he is found innocent then lets put all this crap behind us and fight terrorists or something. I think the Jihaddis are laughing and laughing when they see stupid partisan bickering when they have just killed off 40 allied civilians in the heart of London.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Conan O'Brien Hates My Homeland

This is one of my favorite sketches from the Late Show with Conan O'Brien. I have finally found a site that collected each one. Here it is. This is my favorite one:

Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Gauguin, Manet: You're number one when it comes to great minds that died of syphillis.

Very interesting article on why DVDs aren't selling

I agree with quite a few of the points raised in this article. This is the one I think is the most important:

For a new release such as Fox's Robots, which comes out as a two-disk set on Sept. 27, prepare to pay $29.98. Overall, The DVD Release Report's numbers show that the retail price for DVDs of new movies has been creeping up steadily for the last five years.

Yup, unless you really want to own the movie to watch it over and over it really isn't worth plunking down $29.98 on that movie. I recently joined Netflix and for $14.99 I can rent two movies at a time. This is less then the price of one DVD. So now I am only renting the movies that I want to see but I don't want cluttering up my apartment. I may never need to buy a DVD again.

Ebbers cries at 25 year sentence

Well looks like they set Ebbers up for the prison toe-tag. He is 63 now and he will be eligible for parole when he is 85. It seems that Yazoo City is a low security prison so it won't be as bad as if he was sent to a prison for mad dog killers. If I was the Enron guys I would be shaking in my boots. A 25 year sentence is nothing to sneeze at especially if you are used to living a life of luxury.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

DC Comics comic out this week (7/13)

JLA #116

I will probably be getting All Star Batman and Robin #1 (if I can find it.) I will also be buying JLA #116 because it is the 2nd part of the fantastic Crisis of Conscience storyline. I will probably be buying the Rann/Thanagar War #3 also because I have the first two issues already so I might as well get the next several parts.

Cell Phone Use while driving causes crashes

You are 4 times more likely to be in an accident if you use the phone while you are driving according to this article. I have to agree with that because some people can barely stay in their lane while using the phone. It is interesting that even hands free devices don't reduce the amount of accidents that people cause. I think it is time for Hawaii to ban the use of cell phones while driving. I think that would be a better idea then the stupid "click it or ticket" program.

Just wait for the Conspiracy Theories on the British Bombing

The Brits think it is a suicide bomber which I suspected from the beginning. I can already hear the conspiracy theories start up on this atrocity. Here is one thing that they will probably pick up on:

He said police had found personal documents with the names of three suspects close to the scene of three of the blasts.

All four men were believed to be British nationals, a police source said. Three came from West Yorkshire in northern England, an area with a large Muslim population of south Asian origin.

Why would suicide bombers bring personal documents if they knew they were going to die? I suspect that the police figured out the people were British nationals by looking at these documents. So there was probably a drivers license or some kind of ID card in their wallets.

The real thing that would push it into the conspiracy zone is if there was money with them that was beyond what they needed for their train or bus passes. They know it is a one way trip so they wouldn't need any extra cash for a pack of gum or a magazine on the way back home.

I heard one thing from the news that may explain why the suicide bombers brought their wallets. The expert said they weren't in their right mind so they didn't think about their wallets or even if they would need them. So in other words they strapped on the bomb belt then grabbed their keys, watch, and wallet and went out to get those 75 white raisins/virgins/free trip to hell. I think it would be very hard to fathom the mind of some coward that is willing to kill himself just to murder others. So I think this is a very valid explanation.

Whatever the case I think Israeli officials would be the best people to know the number of suicide bombers that carry their wallets with them. Also our boys in Iraq could give us hard numbers on this as well. It would be an interesting thing for the experts to know (and they probably do) in order to understand how the minds of these cowards work.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Ancient Tsumanis in the Pacific Northwest

Wow very interesting stuff from the oral tradition of the Native Americans in the area about tsunamis and earthquakes. I wonder how big and powerful these earthquakes and tsunamis were:

One massive earthquake is estimated to have hit the region in 900, while eyewitness accounts from the 19th century point to a huge earthquake and tsunami that hit the area in 1700.

Sounds like a fun science project I think.

Troops to be reduced by 2006

I think this is pretty good news for the Bushies. If they can draw down the military presence by next year they should get a bump in the approval ratings. Especially if they have some sort of ticker tape parade or other ceremony honoring the vets that are coming back. This will also take the wind out of the sails of the insurgency because we won't be there to strike at. It's good to read this as well:

President Bush is relying on commanders in Iraq to judge when the time is right to adjust the level of U.S. forces, based in part on an assessment of how capable the U.S.-trained Iraqi government forces are of fighting the insurgency on their own.

They are not like Abercrappy (Neil Abercrombie the lefty representative from Hawaii) and the rest of the cut and run crowd. At least they are asking the commanders how many troops they need to get the job done. They aren't going to pull out willy nilly by some self appointed date pulled out of thin air.

Trotsky Icepick found

I think someone needs to buy this thing and display it somewhere. It is a pretty significant historical item. It could be bad luck like the beanball that killed Ray Chapman on August 16, 1920

Dreamworks looking as bad as Pixar

Looks like they are getting hit by the same DVD softness that hit Pixar a few weeks ago. The reasons seem pretty much the same too. DVD sales are slowing down for a reason that they can't understand. Since Dreamworks makes less movies then other outfits it hits their bottom line harder.

This article brings up the spectre of piracy by saying that the movie is pirated as soon as the movie starts its theatrical release. Then people just buy the pirated DVD for $5 instead of buying it from the store weeks later. I think this could be part of the problem but I think the market may be saturated by DVDs. This is a one buy item after all. Once you have the movie you don't need another one for any reason.

One theory I have is that cheap rentals (now without late fees) could be eating into DVD sales as well. The movie is sent right to their home without any muss or fuss. They can then rip the DVD if the movie is good enough to own. There is no reason to go to the store to buy the DVD when you can have it delivered right into the home.

Hispanic for the Next Supreme Court Nominee?

I think this is a good idea but they shouldn't put Gonzalez in though. Let him do the job of the attorney general for a while. The Repubs can't afford to fight one another on the nominee because they will have plenty of fight from the Dems. They need a united front to get any conservative nominee in at all.

I think Emilio Garza would be a better choice because he isn't as high profile as Gonzalez. This would make it easier to get him past the first line of bad press. Whatever nominee that they pick had better be as clean as a whistle or they will be attacked up and down. They can't afford to have another Bernard Kerik paraded before everyone.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Uh Oh, Fantastic Four a Fantastic Bore?

Looks like the reviews aren't good. This line is a damning as anything I have ready about a comic book movie:

It succeeds on the goofy part, presenting a shallow tale that has a few laughs but no real drama. Less a movie than an anecdotal collection of slapstick action, "Fantastic Four" carries the silliness to such a degree you practically expect campy flashes of "Thwap!" and "Kapow!" a la the 1960s "Batman" TV show.

Batman of the 60s is the pinnacle of campy comedy superhero stuff. The bar has been set too high with Spiderman 1 and 2 and Batman Begins to revisit this kind of drek again. I really hope the movie isn't as bad as this reviewer makes it out to be. If it is then Marvel will only have X-men and Spider-man as bankable franchises. All of the rest of the stuff pales in comparison.

Young Republicans want Hillary

Hmm, be careful what you wish for you just might get it. I think Hillary will run for sure and could win depending on who the Repubs put up against her. I think a Hillary vs. Giuliani race would be outstanding. I would probably even volunteer for Rudy if he ran.

MTV Live 8 Coverage

I have to agree with these people saying that the Live 8 coverage on MTV/VH1 was an absolute joke. All they did was talk about stuff and had commercials like crazy. They should never have cut off any performances with a commercial. They should have only cut away when the next band was getting ready or something. And the commercial breaks seemed really long too but that is par for the course at MTV.

The inane banter was especially bad because they cut into the performances as well. So we ended up with MC Lyte or that Indian guy talking about some stupid thing or another while there is a band singing in the background. That is unpardonable IMO. I just wanted to make them shut up for a minute so we could listen the music in the background. MTV/VH1 should be ashamed of themselves.

Weird Sheep Die

I guess they do follow the leader. Even when it comes to their deaths. I guess you can make an analogy between the sheep and the Jihaddi's but that would be too much.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Some security stocks to watch

These biometrics firms should do pretty well in the coming weeks. I think world governments will start buying this gear to get their citizens out of harms way. This stuff can't protect their people 100% but at least it will make it harder for the Jihaddi's to slaughter innocents. I have a feeling that the Underground will be installing some of the products if they weren't already going to.

We are all British now!

This is a great idea I saw on God save the Queen! Rule Britannia.

Here is an apt passage

This is a very good passage to mark todays events in England. I hope this line resounds in the Brits today:

And you, good yeoman,
Whose limbs were made in England, show us here
The mettle of your pasture; let us swear
That you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not;
For there is none of you so mean and base,
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.

And I think this Winston Churchill quote is quite apt as well:

We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, What is our policy? I will say; "It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy." You ask, What is our aim? I can answer with one word: Victory - victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival."

England struck by Terror

Looks like Jihaddi's struck out at the Brits today. This is the kind of escalation that will have a lasting effect. Bomb belts seem to be easy to make and can move around fairly undetected. All it takes is one coward to sneak onto a bus and cause mayhem. You could probably count the number of days until we get someone sneaking onto a Greyhound bus and hitting the detonator. Let's hope the British public gets mad and does not retreat from terror like the Socialist Spanish government did.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wow one in 4 home sales to investors?

This is quite an eye opening statistic. I guess this is just more proof of the housing bubble out there. Hopefully guys like Sklar will be able to dump his properties for a decent price. If not he will be in a world of hurt. The funny thing too is that these people were burned before:

I would say that 70 percent to 80 percent have been in the stock market and were burned in 2000 and 2001 or just do not feel they have any control over what's happening."

70 to 80 percent got taken in the internet bubble? That would really suck if they get burned again since they have even less time to make up the losses before they hit retirement.

Behind door number 1 is...

More Scientologists!!! This from that site I mentioned earlier. According to, before Cruise started dating Katie Holmes, he invited actress Scarlett Johansson to a Scientology center where he showed her literature about the church. "After two hours of proselytizing," according to the website, "Cruise opened a door to reveal a second room full of upper-level Scientologists who had been waiting to dine with the pair, at which point the cool-headed ingénue politely excused herself."

Wow, that must have been some scene. "I had a great meal Scarlett and now I shall reveal those who lurk in darkness!" Cruise throws open the door to reveal a 2nd room full of wooly eyed folk who scrabble in hoping to dine with (on?) the young woman. Scarlett flees from the room with the refrain from Hotel California "they were gathered for the feast; stabbed it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the Beast." repeating over and over in her head.

Tommy Boy is nuts!

This site confirms that Tom Cruise has lost his mind. You better read it quick though. I can count the days before this site gets a massive lawsuit directed against it. Tommy boy has a bunch of lawyers that lurk in his lair that he sends out against his foes. I hear they resemble the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. "I'll get them my pretties and your little website too!"

Good development for STEM

Hmm this looks like good news for StemCells (STEM.) They get an equity stake in ReNeuron which is a privately held company. Hopefully STEM also gets some revenue from its liscences that it is letting ReNeuron use. This is a very good statement as well:

ReNeuron will supply cells for StemCells to use under the cross-license.

They may be able to fly under the US ban by using cells harvested from the UK. I'm not sure if that is legal but it is a nice hedge against Bush's veto of that stem cell bill.

I guess Bush is the new Gerald Ford

Now he crashed his bike into a Scottish policeman. First he fell off of his Segway, then he went over the handlebars on his ranch, and now he is mowing down the Scots. Add this to the pretzel of near death a few years ago and we truely have the new Gerald Ford.

How can we be the evil empire and occupier of the world when our commander keeps falling down? I think we need to invade Scotland in retaliation for this ignominy!

Chiracs Big Mouth cost Paris the Olympics?

Hmm looks like Chirac doesn't like British food. He says:

Mr Chirac then reportedly said: "You can't trust people who cook as badly as that. After Finland, it's the country with the worst food."

This blog post says that 2 of the judges were Finnish. Could old Chirac have opened his big mouth and caused Paris to miss out on the Olympics? They were certainly the front runner for a while there and suddenly they were out in the cold. Maybe those pissed off Finns conviced some of the voters to go the English way? I think Chirac needs to keep the insults to himself before he causes a real problem done the line.

Real World Austin

I was able to check out 3 episodes last night and I have to say this show is funnier then past Real Worlds. The second night they were in the house one of the guys got knocked down and then got false-cracked in the face. He ended up with a broken cheekbone. So they barely got there stuff unpacked and a Real Worlder is getting his ass beaten.

They really should think about not going out to the various bars in the area because there always seems to be some drunken fight. Maybe the Real World needs to take a hint and realize that many people don't want them around. Especially if it is in some kind of dance club or bar. I guess they need some hapless Real Worlder to get seriously injured so that they take the hint.
Also the hookups on the show have been progressing lightning quick. One girl broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years almost as soon as the show started to be with the guy that got beat down. That part seemed kind of fishy to me.

I'm really liking the military girl that was a nurse in Iraq. She made a comment about hating Michael Moore that made my heart leap. She's putting on the full court press to hook up with the blond guy, but the blond guy likes the Peruvian girl. I don't know what the blond guys problem is because the military girl wants to hook up in the worst way. Maybe he will wise up as the show progresses.

Finally, I have noticed that from watching this Real World, and the Inferno 2 that these people just love to get drunk. They drink all night, get into fights, and then say sloppy drunken things to one another. It almost seems that MTV is getting some secret funding from the liquor lobby or something. Maybe they need to start calling the show: Jack Daniels presents the Real World Austin.

100 People Who Are Screwing Up America : (and Al Franken Is #37)

This should be an interesting read I should think. Hmm, I wonder why Al Frankin is only #37. He needs to pump up the Anti-American rhetoric because he is slipping. Maybe he should have a 24 hour Bush-bash-a-thon or something. And I'm wondering where Michael Moore is on this list.

London gets the 2012 Olympics

Well looks like the French are going to nurse another defeat. I think this is a good thing since London hasn't hosted one since 1948. The French are going to freak out if they don't get the next one though. Not hosting one since 1924 must feel pretty crappy. Maybe they will be the Chicago Cubs of the Olympics. Also it seems being around Bush is rubbing off on Tony Blair:

"Many people do reckon that London is the greatest city in the whole world at the moment," an exultant Blair said after hearing the result in Gleneagles, Scotland, where he is hosting the G-8 summit.

"I do reckon it, I tell ya what." *said in a Hank Hill drawl*

Arubans mad at Alabama Mother

Looks like the Arubans are tired of being badmouthed. Let's hope this doesn't turn into America bashing here because Aruba will feel the effects of this for years to come no matter what happens. It would be even worse if Americans don't feel safe or welcomed there because there are quite a few other Caribbean nations that they could give their money to.

Beth Holloway Twitty's statements were inflammatory though.

Two suspects were released yesterday who were involved in a violent crime against my daughter," she said.

"These criminals are not only being allowed to walk around among the tourists and citizens of Aruba," she said, but there were no limits on where they could go.

I think she needs to tone down her statements a bit. First of all there is no indication that it was a violent crime against her daughter. I still think she was on ecstasy or was really drunk and either drowned while swimming, accidentally hit her head, or died of alcohol poisoning.

Secondly she should have used the word "suspects" to describe the two brothers. Criminals are people that have been convicted of a crime. These guys are suspected of a crime but probably didn't violently kill Natalee. I have a feeling that they did help hide her body or saw what went down between her and the Dutch teen.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

DC Comics for this Week

JSA #75

Well this week I'm going to be getting Villains United #3 of course. This comic is my favorite one out right now. And JSA #75. I will also be buying House of M #3 because I bought the first two and the series is getting pretty good.

Build a Bear opens NYC store

I have been watching Build a Bear Workshop (BBW) for almost a year now and they have a very interesting concept. They just opened a new megastore at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 46th Street. The store seems to be doing bang-up business and will probably be their most profitable store.

I have been in Build a Bear before and the idea seems like a winner. The store allows you to make your own plush toy complete with clothing and accessories. So it taps into kids imagination and creativity.

The only problem that the store has is that it cannibalizes business when two stores are too close together. I mean how many hand-designed stuffed bears does a kid need? They only need one store per mall to bring in the cash. Thus their growth is naturally restrained.

Also the business seems very labor intensive because the bears go through a lot of steps to go from the bin that holds their outer covering to the little house like thing that they are sold in. Finally, the workers have to be more caring and patient then some retailers have to be because they deal with little kids the majority of the time. I assume they are paid fairly well or they are studying to be Kindergarten teachers of something.

However there is a growth engine on the horizon. It was mentioned in a Business Week article that a read a couple of months ago. Build a Bear is considering a new concept store called Build a Friend workshop. In this concept they allow kids to design a doll and dress them with various fashions and styles. It would be a great idea if a kid could design a baby doll or maybe a Barbie style doll.

Girls can come in and purchase additional accessories and new styles to dress the dolls that they have created with. In fact they could sell accessories like cars or Dream Houses that could also be customized.

A partnership with Barbie or Bratz would be huge in this case because the girls will not only have a hand in creating and dressing the dolls; they will also get to pick the make and model of her dream car as well. Just making custom doll houses could be a lucrative business that they could get sponsorship money from. This Dream House has a Sub Zero fridge, Price Pfister Faucets, and painted with Behr brand paint. It would be a great way to build brand awareness in kids before they are even old enough to buy the things.

They can also have some kind of action figure design thing for boys. Similar to the Gi Joes with the cloth uniforms that came out in the 60-70s. They can have various uniforms (or civilian togs) that they could wear and different weapons that they could buy. The child can even buy various types of cars that come in different colors, makes, and models. A James Bond style doll would be a big seller I think.

This build a friend idea taps the younger kids with the baby dolls, and the older kids with the Barbie or Bratz style doll. Currently they are only tapping the younger kids with those stuffed animals. The accessories and add-ons revenue stream may be quite lucrative depending on how many are purchased and who they license them from.

Merrill ups Morgan Stanley

Well looks like picking John Mack was a good idea according to Merrill. They are saying:

"Risk of brain-drain and lost business dissipates now that leadership and succession issues are resolved," Merrill analysts wrote in their report.

I seem to remember that most of the brain-drain happened because those bankers were leaving for better deals at the other brokers. I guess Merrill thinks that Mack is going to throw more money at the bankers to keep them loyal. Let's hope that move doesn't hurt their bottom line.

However, it may be a good idea to look at these brokerage stocks. I read an article in the Economist that says that the majority of these stocks are undervalued according to their metrics. Their valuations are lower because their profits are pretty hard to predict. One quarter they do great (Lehman last quarter) and the next they do poorly (Morgan last quarter.)

I guess brokers valuation is how they are because they really are the definition of the cyclical stock. When the economy is doing good there will be lots of mergers, trading profits, and lots of trading fees are generated. It is just the opposite when the economy hits a rough patch. So that risk is built into what their stocks trade at. They used to say this about housing stocks and they seem to go up and up and still have low P/Es

Sasser Maker Confesses

Too bad this moron didn't do this in Singapore or some other law-and-order country. I would love to see him caned or something about as severe. Now he will only get 5 years in some cushy German prison. Too bad they couldn't throw him into a SuperMax here in the US. Spending some time with the rapists and murders in there will make it so he doesn't write another virus ever again.

Bush should just dump Bolton

This is taking far too long already. I love how this supposedly impartial AP article begins.

Hapless Senate Republicans. Emboldened Senate Democrats. And a second-term president facing nothing but politically risky choices.

We also have W portrayed as a lame duck again only a few months into his 2nd term. I guess they figure if they can just repeat it enough it will be true.

Whatever the case they should just put some other name up there. I assume the W-admin has some other pro-reform UN guys lined up somewhere. Just use one of these guys instead of Bolton.

The UN is going to dodge the "oil for food scandal" bullet here if we continue to dicker with who the ambassador will be. The UN cannot be let off the hook on this one after they totally blew 2 different cases of African genocide. The UNs feet must be held to the fire, if not by Bolton, then by some other qualified person.

Friday, July 01, 2005

GM Sales freak out

Wow US sales are the best in 19 years. Looks like that employee discount for all buyers really worked out for GM. Lots of pent up demand for their pickups too with a 69% rise in sales. I guess high gas prices aren't such a big deal when it comes to discounts and incentives.

Or perhaps people are buying a regular car for the day to day driving back and forth to work and a pickup for weekend stump removal, hauling lumber from Home Depot, tailgating, etc. Interest rates are certainly low enough that people could afford to maintain two vehicles as long as they don't use them every day.

DVD sales hitting their peak?

This isn't good news from Pixar because they make so few movies every year. So the shortfall was even harder on the bottom line then they were ready for. This could be a worrying trend:

McAlpine said. "What's really happened is that some of the retailers are probably returning product sooner rather than later. Wal-Mart wants to move that inventory faster."

I have noticed this trend, in that Wal-Mart doesn't seem to stock as big a library as they once did. They want to get lots of copies of the newest movie so their back catalogue of stuff is pretty thin. Lots of time, there are empty spots where an older movie has been. Other times it is very hard to find certain movies if they are about a year old.

But DVD sales are still looking pretty robust around these parts though. Recently the movie Hitch was 100% sold out the last time I was at Wal-Mart. I could never remember a romantic comedy selling out every copy as long as I have been buying DVDs. Maybe Will Smith is just that big a star.

Sharks Attack Tourists

Looks like another person got bitten by a shark in Florida. These Bull sharks are getting pretty aggressive for some reason. I keep hearing about these shark attacks like they are lining up at a buffet or something. It seems pretty rare though:

Experts say shark attacks are rare, pointing out that there were only 30 in 2003 among the millions of people who hit the state's beaches. Most of those attacks were minor bites on the feet or ankles. Last year, when four hurricanes kept many visitors away, there were 12 attacks.

I bet there are more then 30 people who got attacked by swans in the last month. I guess sharks are just that much more cool then swans.

O'Connor Retires from the Supreme Court

It's going to be the Mother of All Battles on Capital Hill over the next person they put in. I think Bush should pick a nominee that isn't a white male to make it harder on the Dems. They would look like they are blocking the first Hispanic candidate or something like that. They need to definitely pick a woman though.

No matter who W chooses there will be a massive throwdown over it. They will dig up some idiotic thing from this persons early 20s or something and pin it on them. Character assassination will be taken to a high art form. This person is going to have to walk through fire and they still won't give her an up-or-down vote. My guess the fight will be ugly and leave you feeling greasy and even more convinced that Washington is a big joke.