Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Can we Promote General Mattis to President? He Gives the Bottom Line to Reporters about Flynn Resigning

I like his no-nonsense style.
"Here's the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen. I'm brought in to be the secretary of defense. I give the president advice on the use of military force," he said, according to Yahoo News Washington correspondent Olivier Knox.
"I maintain good relations, strong relations ... and so military-to-military relations with other ministries of defense around the world," he added.
"And frankly, this has no impact. Obviously, I haven't changed what I'm heading there for. It doesn't change my message at all. And who's on the president's staff is who I will work with."
At it really doesn't. I'm sure the General can work with some other woman or man as National Security adviser just as well as he could have worked with Flynn. I would love to see this guy swatting down CNN and MSNBC blow-hards all day long but we are stuck with Trump for 4 years at least.

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