Tuesday, February 28, 2017

@ScarJo called out Seacrest for Asking a Stupid Question about her High Heels #AskHerMore

I agree with this assessment.
While the E! host was chatting with the 32-year-old about the night, he asked if the star wore the same heels to the Oscars rehearsal as she was wearing tonight.
"What a ridiculous question!" she responded. And she's not wrong. Not only is it a perfect example of why #AskHerMore (a Twitter campaign that was started to push Hollywood to ask women more substantial questions on the red carpet) was created, it's also...not interesting? Was there really nothing else the host wanted to know about the successful actress, and how she felt going into the ceremony?
Yes Seacrest she is more than some high heels, a beautiful body, and a dress even though he probably doesn't think so. Maybe ask her about an upcoming movie or maybe some light banter about Kim Jong Nam being assassinated or whatever. Just don't ask about her shoes.  

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