Monday, October 24, 2016

Even Conservative Women are Fleeing Trump

I have to agree with this woman's view.
“To switch from actively anti-Hillary to supporting Hillary Clinton has been an interesting 360 and an interesting experiment in what it means to split from a party,” says Stuebe, who describes herself as a small-government libertarian. She’s still grappling with what her relationship to the GOP might be in the future. Does she feel betrayed by the men in her party who support Trump? “Absolutely. I think it’s embarrassing not only to the Republican Party but to the electoral system in America that we were unable to mount a candidate equally qualified to be president as Hillary is.”
Yeah I agree. There is something wrong when a sex abuser and the most crooked person to ever run for office are the only choices we have. There is something wrong with the GOP when they nominated him in the first place. Also a loss of people like this is going to be very bad for the GOP going forward.
Culturally, McAlpin seems about as Republican as they come. “I learned to shoot when I was 7,” she tells me proudly. She’d been in a sorority at Florida Southern College; in D.C., where she moved for graduate school, she’d interned for Republican congressmen and worked for a right-leaning digital strategy firm. But three months ago, in despair over the direction of the Trump-era GOP, McAlpin went to work for a flower-delivery startup. “I’m so tired of politics, and I felt totally abandoned by my party,” she says.
You might see quite a few young conservatives leave the party en-mass over Trump and his stupidity. If the GOP can find a decent center-right female candidate in the next election maybe they can right to ship. But until then its going to be a long 4 years and its only going to get worse.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Looks Like AT&T is Buying Time Warner for $85 Billion: Some Analysts Don't Like it But I Think They are Wrong

It seems that AT&T is buying content to go along with distribution. It seems like an interesting idea but I have to disagree with this guy.

Cowen and Co analyst Doug Creutz questioned the strategy of buying content instead of licensing it. 

"What does it get them that they can't get by licensing Time Warner content and at a much cheaper price than buying the whole company?" Creutz asked, noting it was unclear what savings could be gained "from stapling distribution and content together. It's been tried. It never works."  
Um, Mr. Creutz you get to hold onto that content forever because you own it. You don't have to worry about the content company charging you more for it in the future. Or having them restrict you in some way. if you own it you can then license said content out to others or simply revive the revenue stream like Disney did for Star Wars and Marvel. 

Think Game of Thrones movies or new TV shows set in that world. Maybe a political thriller set in Bravos or a prequel of some sort about Rhaegar Targaryen? Hell just take some of the HBO back-catalog and revive it for a new generation. Think a new Sorpanos told from Tony's 20-something son point of view that can be binged on Hulu. Or a new generation of the Wire or Deadwood with a whole new group and some of the old actors thrown in. I would sign up for Hulu in a minute if they made a new Rome or Band of Brothers with different actors. IP is one of the few things that is very hard to make more of. Netflix is good at it but HBO is probably the best of the best. 

It just boils down to owning the building instead of paying rent on your offices. It is way cheaper to pay rent but if you own the building you get money from every office in the place for as long as you own the building. Or if you want you can take another floor to expand R&D or whatever. But think of this office building as one that is nearly unique and it will cost billions to make another one. I think AT&T is getting a steal and I know why Apple also came after Time Warner a few months ago. AT&T is following the Disney model. 

250,000 Year Old UFO Part Found in Romania: No It has to be from Die Glocke!

Hmm people are saying that this item is from a UFO.
Gheorghe Cohal, the Deputy Director of the Romanian Ufologists Association, told local media: "Lab tests concluded it is an old UFO fragment given that the substances it comprises cannot be combined with technology available on Earth."
Builders working on the shores of the Mures River not far from the central Romanian town of Aiud found the objects about 33 feet under the ground, where it was buried alongside two bones.
However, this part caught my eye:
However, local historian Mihai Wittenberger said the object is actually a metal piece from a World War II German aircraft, although this does not explain the age of the artifact.
How can that aircraft part be 250,000 years old? My explanation it is from Die Glocke which was a Nazi experiment to warp space-time that resulted in the device being sent back in time. This must be a part of that device. Now what became of the Nazi scientists sent back 250,000 years ago?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Philippines' President Duterte Moves Toward Red China and Away from US: Might be a Big Mistake

I guess the Red Chinese have moved the Philippines into their sphere of influence.
Duterte is in China for a four-day trip seen as confirming his tilt away from Washington and towards Beijing's sphere of influence -- and its deep pockets.
"I announce my separation from the United States," he said to applause at a meeting in the Chinese capital.
"America does not control our lives. Enough bullshit," he added in a rambling speech that flipped between languages.
"How can you be the most powerful industrial country when you owe China and you are not paying it?"
Yeah we are paying China for buying our bonds. Its called interest and we are paying the Red Chinese billions in those payments. The problem is that Duterte is cleaving to a power that really doesn't care very much about the Philippines. The Red Chinese are masters at taking what they want are an extremely canny player of the Great Game. Just watch how they will exploit that South China Sea area between their two countries.

In any case here is the sweetener the Chinese provided. It seems that $15 million will be more than enough to kill off the rest of the drug problem in the Philippines.
They oversaw the signing of 13 bilateral cooperation documents on business, infrastructure, and agriculture, among other fields, he added.
Beijing also has offered the Philippines a $9 billion soft loan for development projects, a statement from the Philippine presidential press office said.
About $15 million of the promised loans will be earmarked for drug rehabilitation programmes amid Duterte's anti-drug campaign, which has killed thousands of people and raised concern abroad of human rights violations.
China will also lift bans on 27 Philippine tropical fruit export companies. Previous sanctions on fruit were intended to punish Manila for its South China Sea stance.

Here is Something New: Shinrin-Yoku AKA Forest Bathing Might Fight Stess,Cancer, and Boost Brain Function

Hmm might be worth a try.
For the Japanese, of course, communing with nature is a major element of their culture and belief system--think Cherry Blossom Festival. So it's not surprising that they've devoted the time and funding to thoroughly study the effects of nature on the human system, resulting in their practice of shinrin-yoku, which translates roughly as "forest bathing."

First popularized in Japan in 1982, forest bathing is now a widespread pastime in Japan and is growing in popularity here too. Some American certified forest therapy guides (yup, that's a thing) believe shinrin-yoku is poised to become as big an element of American wellness as yoga and meditation are--two other Eastern practices scientifically proven to promote brain function and health.
It is supposed to improve brain function, reduce stress, and create cancer causing Killer T cells. Not sure about that last one but being in nature certainly relaxes me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NFL Viewership Down: People Citing Krapernick Protests

I guess the Star-Spangled Kneel is hurting the shield.
Response to the protests continues to break down along age lines. More than half, 53 percent, of respondents 55 and over who said they are watching fewer games cited Kaepernick as the reason, while only 13 percent of respondents aged 18 to 34 pointed to the protests as their reason for watching less football.
I too am watching fewer games but it is a combination of the 49ers being awful and not playing fantasy football this year. I used to watch meaningless games because my running back was playing but now there really isn't any reason to watch.

However, I am watching more college because the matchups are compelling. Like this weekend is Texas A&M vs Alabama which should be a great game but there really aren't any NFL games I am looking forward to. Maybe Seattle vs Arizona but its just because I don't like Seattle. The rest of the games looks pretty ho-hum.

In any case college football just seems like more fun and you get the pageantry, bands and such thrown in. There is still some Star-Spangled Kneeling but it seems fairly rare and there seems to be actual pushback and consequences.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kind of a Sad Sentiment by a College Student on Trump Support on a College Campus

I have to agree with this unfortunate person.
Kristiana Kershaw, a student at Loyola University in Chicago, plans to vote for Trump because she likes his business expertise and his conservative policies. But she keeps quiet about it. "My only concern is that as an 18-year-old supporting Trump, I can't say that I support him because it's not safe for me to say that," she says. "On a college campus, people feel very strongly and social-media bias says Hillary is the only candidate."
So this young woman cannot even voice support for a candidate for fear of social media attacks. Whenever the left preach tolerance and understanding it is just empty words. It is just tolerance and understanding if you see things exactly as they do. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

My Conspiracy Theory is True: Trump has the Son-In-Law Shopping for Trump News Network After he Loses Election

Well it seems that we have an understanding of a what a post election landslide loss by Trump will look like.
Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, informally approached LionTree Advisors Chief Executive Aryeh Bourkoff about setting up a Trump TV network after the U.S. presidential election, but the investment bank does not want to be involved, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Kushner contacted Bourkoff, one of the media industry's top dealmakers, in the past few months, but there have been no further conversations, the source said on Monday. The source asked not to be identified because the discussions were private.
I think the entire Trump candidacy has been an elaborate con-job on the GOP and the American people. That is why he didn't prepare for the debate or hasn't been ready for the Access Hollywood tape or the aftermath. 

There is more money to be made in losing an election than winning one. The Trump News Network will allow him to create a media empire and make billions more. He will be able to monetize the 30% of the populace that are die-hard Trumpites. If he wants he can have a nightly TV show and interview people to spout-off or whatever. It would be fairly highly rated and would pull in good ad revenue. Kind of the angry white guy version of the O-Network  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Singer Refuses to Sing National Anthem: Says "We Need a New Song"

Now this is really getting out of hand.
There are still plenty of singers singing the national anthem at major events. But Hamilton is among those who are reconsidering whether they'd do so.
"I'm gonna take a little time away from the anthem until it starts feeling like it's for me," said Hamilton, who is black. "We need a new song, one that really speaks for all of us, or bring some new life to the one that we have."
Now that really has to be a low ebb to this entire affair. Whoever this singer is he can move to some other country and he can sing their anthem. Or I guess in not doing anything at all he will cause lots of "change" or something.