Monday, September 29, 2014

Obama and the Blame Game: He said there was 10% unemployment when He Started. It was 7.8%

Obama just cannot say he was wrong not matter what happens.

A few minutes later, “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft asked the president about the economy…
The president said that he was fixing a problem he inherited from President George W. Bush 43.

Again, he said, “it’s not my fault, folks” … I inherited a lousy economy from Bush. But this time.. The president crossed the line: "when I took over unemployment was up at 10%..."

My head almost exploded. I know what the unemployment rate was in January, 2009 because that’s what I do -- I follow the money.

Fact check! In Jan 2009, the unemployment rate was 7.8%.

I can't believe that he is still talking about the Bush economy after 6 years in office. Many people don't even remember the Bush years anymore. The unemployment rate actually rose for the first 6 months of the Pax Obama(yeah that was a real thing.) In any case I think more people would actually back Obama if he once said "the buck stops here" instead of constantly blaming others.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oh Great the Aussies are Fudging their Temperature Readings: I Wonder Which Other Countries Have Done the Same?

You can't trust these people as far as you can throw them.

Burnett reports that the Australian Board of Meteorology (ABM) was forced to admit that it routinely alters the temperatures recorded at all of its official weather stations in Australia. The reason the organization gave for its tampering with the numbers is that anomalies arising from outside the realm of climate beset the official data.

But as The Australian and The Weekend Australian reported in a scathing series of news articles that exposed the scam, it so happened that when the Board of Meteorology massaged the numbers to account for the anomalies, it just so happened that nearly all of the official temperatures turned out much higher than they would have been otherwise. 

My question is what other organizations like the ABM are routinely rounding up their numbers? How long has this been happening? Can you trust any of the numbers that Climate Change gurus throw at you?  This "settled science" is supposed to lead to billions of dollars/Euros/Reminbi in spending and altering everyone's lives. Climate Scientists need to make sure their numbers are 100% correct or what little credibility they have left is going away permanently.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Climate Change to Turn Alaska into Florida by 2047

I wonder if the model this guy used was the same one that didn't predict global warming for the past 17 years or so?

"If you do not like it hot and do not want to be hit by a hurricane, the options of where to go are very limited," said Camilo Mora, a geography professor at the University of Hawaii and lead author of a paper published in Nature last year predicting that unprecedented high temperatures will become the norm worldwide by 2047.
"The best place really is Alaska," he added. "Alaska is going to be the next Florida by the end of the century."

This has to be the most scare-mongering thing I have read in a long time. We might as well just buy land in the arctic already because we are "all going to burn up" according to this geography professor.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It Seems the Millennials Want Experiences over Goods

Marketers need to savvy up and start backing events instead of goods.

The Harris/Eventbrite researchers found that 78% of millennials would rather spend money on a desirable experience than buy coveted goods. Reinforcing that point, 72% of millennials said they want to increase their spending on experiences during the next year, in lieu of physical things.

The reason why they would rather have the experience rather than the good is thus:

A major reason for dashing off to all these parties, festivals, road races and taco-eating contests: the fear of missing out. With the rise of social media, Eventbrite analysts point out, skipping the big event doesn’t just mean missing an afternoon of good times; it also means being reminded on Facebook, Tumblr and the like of how much fun everyone else had.

You can see a case-in-point with things like the Spartan Race, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and (as this article points out) Burning Man. So what markets need to do is sponsor Love Festivals, and Concerts and things and the Millennials might show up in droves. For no other reason than to take a bunch of selfies for Instagram.

Change ISIS to Daesh? Sounds Like a Good Idea. Especially Because They Hate the Term

Well ISIS hates being called Daesh so lets call them that.

The Associated Press recently reported that the group were threatening to cut cut out the tongues of anyone who used the phrase publicly, and AFP have noted that the term "Daeshi" has been used a derogatory term in some parts of the Middle East. Some analysts have suggested that the dislike of the term comes from its similarity to another Arabic word, دعس, or Das. That word means to trample down or crush.

Trample down and crush sounds like what much of the world would like to do to them.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We Spent $22 Trillion and We haven't budged on the Amount of Poor People in this Country?

I guess we lost the war on poverty because these numbers are staggering.

Since its beginning, U.S. taxpayers have spent $22 trillion on Johnson’s War on Poverty (in constant 2012 dollars). Adjusting for inflation, that’s three times more than was spent on all military wars since the American Revolution.

That is a LOT of money.

But today the Census will almost certainly proclaim that around 14 percent of Americans are still poor. The present poverty rate is almost exactly the same as it was in 1967 a few years after the War on Poverty started. Census data actually shows that poverty has gotten worse over the last 40 years.

I guess people that are categorized as in poverty has changed since 1967.

According to government surveys, the typical family that Census identifies as poor has air conditioning, cable or satellite TV, and a computer in his home. Forty percent have a wide screen HDTV and another 40 percent have internet access. Three quarters of the poor own a car and roughly a third have two or more cars. (These numbers are not the result of the current bad economy pushing middle class families into poverty; instead, they reflect a steady improvement in living conditions among the poor for many decades.)

Those are some really nice items and I think part of it is because of our tax system. That earned income tax credit allows a poor person to get a big chunk of cash at tax time. Many of these people don't bank that money for a rainy day or buy an Vanguard S&P500 Index Fund or something. Instead they put a down-payment on a new car or truck or simply blow that money on a new LCD TV instead. I wonder how these numbers would look if the government just changed that lump sum tax credit to a monthly salary instead?

This part was interesting:

The intake of protein, vitamins and minerals by poor children is virtually identical with upper middle class kids. According to surveys by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the overwhelming majority of poor people report they were not hungry even for a single day during the prior year.

This is actually a good thing in my eyes. The greatest nation in the world should not have any citizen be hungry for any period of time. We should at least make sure that every American has a full belly day after day no matter what. I guess in this one thing you can say the war on poverty has one at least one battle.

Ancient Crecent of Stone Found in Israel. The Thing is Freaking Big Too

I can't wait for archaeologists to dig up this monster.

Located about 8 miles (13 kilometers) northwest of the Sea of Galilee, the structure is massive — its volume is about 14,000 cubic meters (almost 500,000 cubic feet) and it has a length of about 150 meters (492 feet), making it longer than an American football field. Pottery excavated at the structure indicates the monument dates to between 3050 B.C. and 2650 B.C., meaning it is likely older than the pyramids of Egypt. It was also built before much of Stonehenge was constructed. 

Ancient peoples seem to be really good at moving massive stones all over the place and building huge monuments. My money is on a long-forgotten form on telekinesis but I might be wrong.

Students Protest Against Dress Code that Affects Mostly Women

It seems that the students are rebelling against a dress code that seems to target mostly women.

As if getting dressed for high school wasn’t tough enough already, for some students in Staten Island, N.Y., wearing summer’s hottest trends — crop tops, cutoff shorts, and flip-flops — could mean detention slips. But many are fighting against the policy, and nearly 200 students have already worn their favorite threads in protest and proudly served time for it, according to the New York Post.

I guess this is why some schools are implementing uniforms.You don't have to worry about crop tops when everyone is wearing the same polo shirts to school.

Monday, September 15, 2014

National Center for Science Education Blast Global Warming Teaching in Texas Textbook

It seems the settled science is the only acceptable thing to teach kids these days.

The text goes on to present students with excerpts from two articles on climate change, one written by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the other by the Heartland Institute, a conservative advocacy group. “This misleads students as to good sources of information, pitting an ideologically driven advocacy group … against a Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientific body,” the NCSE reviewers write.

Um, both of these groups are ideologically driven advocacy groups. The IPCC sometimes made mistakes when it came to global warming and are pretty clear that they are advocates of man-made climate change.

Friday, September 12, 2014

State Department Threatens Foley Family About Paying Ransom for Their Now Deceased Son

This has to rankle the family when they felt like they could have done something to save their sons life.

Diane Foley, James Foley's mother, offered a rare interview to ABC News this week in which she admitted the family considered a ransom payment to ISIS to secure her son's safe return. However, she also says White House officials told the family they would face criminal charges for supporting terrorism in the event a ransom was paid. The message came directly from a high-ranking military official on the White House National Security Council. The last threat came just days before the video of Foley's beheading surfaced. 

However, you have to understand that the US is not supposed to negotiate with terrorists. Instead the White House waited forever and then missed the hostages because of bad intel. In any case this will all go down the memory hole now that Obama is going to bomb ISIS at long last.