Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mark My Words Obama Will Win the Presidency: The Bright Side for America

I was thinking a few weeks ago that John McCain has no chance of winning with the economy in as bad a shape as it is in. The election suddenly felt the same as when H.W. Bush ran against Clinton. When people have their eyes on their pocketbooks and their 401Ks they will blame the guy in power and boot his party out. When McCain said "the economy is fundamentally strong" (which it actually is) and then we nationalized the biggest insurance company in the US, bought stock in the 8 largest banks, and then a quarter of peoples IRAs got wiped out I thought the election was over. Obama had it in the bag.

So I had to come to the realization that an Obama Presidency will be a given and started looking for some silver lining in the clouds of tax raising, income redistribution, and potential Marxist thinking that we will have to endure for the next four years. Here is what I came up with.

First President Obama supports Stem Cell research. This was one of the main things that I hated about Bush. I think Stem Cells are going to be the next vast uncharted sea of medical breakthroughs going forward. We might even get the cure for cancer from these things. However the Bushies irrational hatred for Stem Cells put a moratorium on all of this and may have pushed back medical technology for years. Obama will put Stem cell research right back into the country that has the best universities and researchers in the world.

I also think Obama's technocrat leanings may be a great boon for science in general in the coming years as well. He may actually get a Green Marshall Plan passed that should have happened years ago. Green Tech will be yet another thing that America has the potential to lead the world in. It will also make sure that America never has to use the main product of a country whose leaders hate us. I just hope that Obama's Energy Secretary will back a French and Japanese style nuclear program that reprocesses the spent fuel. Nuclear power is the great answer to the Global Warming question and France and Japan has known this since the 70s.

Obama may also be able to improve our standing in the world. His large crowds and rock star European Tour may be just what we need to repair our reputation. I think the world is weary of Bush and Obama actually offers a new direction that the rest of the world likes. Also Africa may finally get some much needed hands-on attention since Obama's relatives actually live there. I do know that no one in London or Paris will be burning Obama in effigy any time in his 4 years in office.

Another thing that will be nice to see of an Obama Presidency is that the main stream media will finally support the President for the first time in what seems like 50 years. I mean the media played the role of Kingmaker and even People magazine and Entertainment Tonight threw their lot in with Obama. They even threw Hillary under the bus in order to put Obama on top. I mean they created their Moses so they won't tear him down unless he betrays them. I think there may even be a return to the FDR or JFK Press Rooms that actually supported their President and his decisions.

Also you will see a more optimistic tone to just about everything going forward. You will see stories on how Americans are losing weight eating at soup kitchens. You will see NBC News saying "don't worry about your house price since you won't be moving for 10 years or so. That means you can get to know your neighbors and love your neighborhood!" You know that bad news about the economy will hurt Obama and make it difficult for him to impose his rafts of new spending. So we will see lots of daylight and almost no emphasis on the darkness.

Finally, Obama will put to rest all of those insane Truthers and America Haters that reside on the Far Left. I mean the election (and thus the entire government) can't be rigged because their guy won despite Diebold, Karl Rove, attempted Swift Boating, the Hockey Mom, and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Obama won despite the most "evil President in American History!!!" blowing up the World Trade Center to keep Americans scared or for whatever stupid reason the Truthers came up with. Obama will have won despite being African American in a nation full of racists and bigots.

You can't hate a country who's leader you have supported for almost 2 years and agrees with all of your "progressive" hopes and dreams. You can't believe that the country is "headed in the wrong direction" when the head of that country is they guy you hand picked. It will be nice to see all of the darkness of the Bush Derangement Disorder finally clear from some of the crazed Leftists. It will be nice to see the Dems finally start rooting for our country to succeed so that they can justify their faith in Obamassiah. There will be no more secret hopes that America will suffer defeats just so "Bush will look bad." It will be time for the Left to come in from the cold and support our country again. After all they picked its leader.

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