Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Well At Least Trump is Learning from the so-called "Muslim Ban" Debacle

I decided to read this NY Times article that Trump hit back against and look for grains of truth. I am seriously hoping that this is one of them.
Mr. Priebus has told Mr. Trump and Mr. Bannon that the administration needs to rethink its policy and communications operation in the wake of embarrassing revelations that key details of the orders were withheld from agencies, White House staff and Republican congressional leaders like Speaker Paul D. Ryan.
Mr. Priebus has also created a 10-point checklist for the release of any new initiatives that includes signoff from the communications department and the White House staff secretary, Robert Porter, according to several aides familiar with the process.
This checklist will slow things down a bit and have other eyes look at these things before they leave the White House. It would have been nice to have nearly anyone from Homeland Security, the Congress, or nearly anyone else look at the "Muslim ban" before they rolled it out.

It went from protecting people from terrorists to stopping Interpreters that fought alongside our soldiers in Iraq, people with green-cards, and old women and sick children from traveling with valid visas that took them years to obtain. It was such a stupid own goal that I really hope Trump wakes up, slows things down, and listens to more people than just Bannon. This was the big early screw-up and it is now time to do things better.

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