Thursday, February 23, 2017

Silicon Valley Grandee Sam Altman Talks to a 100 Trump Supporters: Finds out they are Not Bigoted, Racist, Idiots

I would be willing to bet that you can repeat his experiment over and over.
This was a surprisingly interesting and helpful experience — I highly recommend it. With three exceptions, I found something to like about everyone I talked to (though I strongly disagreed with many of the things they said). Although it shouldn't have surprised me given the voting data, I was definitely surprised by the diversity of the people I spoke to — I did not expect to talk to so many Muslims, Mexicans, Black people, and women in the course of this project. 
What they are is afraid of the so-called "tolerance" of the open-minded leftists.
Almost everyone I asked was willing to talk to me, but almost none of them wanted me to use their names — even people from very red states were worried about getting "targeted by those people in Silicon Valley if they knew I voted for him." One person in Silicon Valley even asked me to sign a confidentiality agreement before she would talk to me, as she worried she'd lose her job if people at her company knew she was a strong Trump supporter.  
Yes the left goes out of their way to be inclusive of everyone but people that don't think the way they do. Ideological thought-crime is everywhere these days.

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