Friday, February 24, 2017

Wait: People are Parsing Trumps use of the Words Military Operation? #TrumpDerangementDisorder

This is really getting out of hand.
Earlier on Thursday, Trump described his efforts to remove unauthorized immigrants from the US as "a military operation," a phrase that seemed to contradict efforts from White House officials who said the military would not be involved with the deportation plans.
Okay, you know he means military-like operation or an operation done with a lot of precision. But the MSM decides to do this.
Belying Spicer's comment is data from the Corpus of Contemporary American English, which has 450 million words spoken on television and written in books and print media over the past three decades. Out of the hundreds of documented uses of the term "military operation," none of them seem to specifically suggest a level of precision.
I have always heard a military operation as one being precise and efficient. An operation by the military to round up "bad hombres" would have been actually pretty scary but Trump and Spicer didn't say that. It was almost like if Trump used "like clockwork" the MSM would have thought he was using the inside of clocks to round up these aforementioned "bad hombres."

It seems that Trump should have used "military-like" instead and we won't have press idiots looking at whatever the Corpus of Contemporary American English for something of a fairly common phrase. In any case this is Trump Derangement Disorder at its finest.

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