Thursday, January 19, 2017

Um #Wall Street Journal a Powerful Venture Capitalist named Time Draper Just Accused Your Reporter of Taking a $4 Million Bribe for Exposing Theranos

I think he wants to not believe that he was taken by Theranos and their Steve Jobs worshiping CEO.
Draper said he wasn't troubled by the initial report about problems at Theranos. By the second report, he had already identified what he called a "vendetta."
"I dismissed it because there are always writers who want to take down big successes," Draper told Axios. "Then after the next one I realized there was some strange vendetta. Maybe it had to do with money. The guy is getting $4 million to continue this charade."
Emphasis ours, because it's worth pointing out here that a venture capitalist just accused a reporter of taking a four million dollar check.
I wonder who in Draper-world was supposed to be writing big checks to this reporter? Was it a bonus from the WSJ for "destroying Theranos?" Was it money paid from a competing lab service? Was it Alien astronaut theorists? That's where my bet is. Elizabeth Holmes is actually a Grey and the Lizard People paid this reporter to "expose her." Just standard stuff.

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