Friday, January 06, 2017

It Seems that Trump is Pro-Union and it Should have the Dems Running Scared

It does sound like he is a pro-Union protectionist Democrat in some of his auto-company Tweets.
Trump's protectionist threats continue to anger many conservative economic purists. But Democrats are the ones who should be irate, and they will be once they figure out what Trump is doing and doing successfully. He's pulling their most important source of financial and ballot box support right out from under them. 
I think what he is doing is what I like to call "Economic Nationalism." If you want to sell us cars you don't build your plant in Mexico and take advantage of cheap labor and then ship them across the border. You build them in the US and hire American workers (who happen to be Union) and then sell us the cars. 

The funny thing is that nearly every other country practices "economic nationalism." I mean the Mexicans can theoretically raise their minimum wage to match ours but they want American jobs for their people. They are playing the Great Game much better than we have done for the past 8 years. It must be weird for Democratic Unionists to back a flamboyant billionaire like this. But he seems like the only one listening to them.

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