Monday, January 23, 2017

I Like this Rumored White House Science Adviser Pick Named David Gelernter

A computer scientist is exactly what is needed in today's world.
“The gap between the public & the sciences has grown so gigantic, it's dangerous,” he said. “People rely every day, sometimes every hour, on computers & the net—often without knowing even vaguely how they work. The 'educated public' no longer has the vaguest idea what physics is doing. Which means, in turn, that science & tech will increasingly be the work of an elite priesthood that does exactly what it likes.”
He added: “Science has never been less articulate, less interested in communicating its own excitement and wonder and fascination.”
Um "every hour?" Try every minute for anyone with a smart phone. I bet you couldn't find 1 person in a 1000 that knows how a computer works or how the network their phone connects to operates. He looks like a very unconventional choice but the Trump White House is "try something new because the old way isn't working."

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