Thursday, January 26, 2017

If You Don't Go Out for Drinks With Friends, Lindsay Tucker from Glamor Magazine, then Trump Wins

The "special snow-flake" is strong with this one.
It’s been 77 days since I cried myself to sleep on election night, but the despair and disbelief won’t quit. I can’t concentrate on my work; I’m addicted to toxic news cycles—each day depicting crisis, scandal, and corruption in the new administration with no recipe for how we might be spared. There’s a blanket of pessimism that covers up my regular routine. I have no interest in grabbing drinks with friends or catching up, because things just feel too bleak. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wondered if my young marriage would survive the emotional crisis I’ve been going through since the election of one Donald Trump.
If she divorces over Trump being elected she will have officially lost touch with reality. So my advice is what Bush told us to do when fighting terrorists. If she doesn't go back to her normal life then Trump will have won. An election will have made this person upend their life. Some orange person in Washington is more important than her husband that I assume she loves or what-have-you. Also she sounds like she is surrounded by Trump-Deranged people as well. 
Over the holidays my mother-in-law confided that some of her lifelong friends weren’t invited to her Christmas Eve party for the first time in nearly 20 years because they’d voted for Trump. When I asked how things were going in her marriage since the election, she simply said, “It’s chilly.” She’s outraged and her husband’s apathetic, just like me and mine. In a conversation I had with my father-in-law, recently, I joked that with the way things have been going, we may not have a free election in four years. He told me I sounded like an idiot.
She sounds like an idiot. If she believes there won't be another election in four years Trump will win a second term very easily. Also dis-inviting life-long friends is a sign of some sort of Trump-Derangement psychosis as well. People, it is just an election. There will not be "permanent damage" because all executive orders can be backed out in the first few days as Obama is finding out right now. If she is concerned about a GOP Congress then you have two to four years to fix that. But crying and divorcing her husband (who has to be a saint to put up with this nonsense) is no way to win any elections in the future.

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