Thursday, January 12, 2017

Trump Derangement Disorder Hollywood Edition: Rosie O’Donnell wants martial law to Prevent Trump

I guess we have to get used to these celebrities losing it over Trump.
Now, with less than 10 days until Trump takes the oath of office, O’Donnell says that she’d support “martial law” in order to delay his inauguration.
“FULLY SUPPORT IMPOSING MARTIAL LAW – DELAYING THE INAUGURATION – UNTIL TRUMP IS ‘CLEARED’ OF ALL CHARGES,” O’Donnell wrote in response to a Twitter user who suggested the U.S. military take control of the government until the president-elect can prove he  has no financial ties to Russia.
Yes lets let the military run the country until he is "cleared" of whatever imaginary charges the Hollywood elite is accusing him of. I think it will be an interesting 4 years.

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