Wednesday, January 04, 2017

My Idea for the Megyn Kelly Replacement on Fox: Trish Regan on a Financially Themed Program also Cancel Red Eye and put Tomi Lahren vs a Liberal

Here is the short-list on who will replace Kelly at 9pm on Fox. This is the most interesting person on the list.
Trish Regan
Regan has filled in admirably for Kelly in the past and would bring a finance and business skill set to Fox News’ primetime lineup.
I think the Trump Years will be dominated by economic moves more than anything else. His foreign policy seems to be a retreat from foreign entanglements and multi-lateral things. So being an expert here will not be the most helpful. However, a person that has a grasp of economics would serve the public well. 

Have her explain how the tax cuts will affect the Fox Viewer. Explain a potential bi-lateral trade deal with China would take shape. Expose a potential trade war with Mexico. Talk about what cuts to regulations the Trump White House will push to Congress. This will kind of be like what Neil Cavuto used to do before he went to Fox Business. Some politics with a heavy dose of economics. I would watch this kind of show every night no matter what. Also I think this person needs a show.
Tomi Lahren
The conservative commentator is a rising star on TheBlaze and it’s only a matter of time until she lands on a major cable news network.
Snap her up early and add her to the Fox Family. She can be the conservative bomb thrower that Glenn Beck used to be on Fox. I would cancel Red Eye, which has always been terrible, and put her in that spot. Maybe square her off against a liberal a la Hannity and Colmes and let the debate begin. That would be a very difficult to beat hard news block and would have a little bit of everything for the viewer. 

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