Thursday, January 12, 2017

#MK-Ultra: Mouse Edition

Now this is some scary stuff.
A team of scientists used brain control to turn about a dozen ordinary mice into killing machines. They employed a technique called optogenetics that manipulates neurons using light to make the fluffy critters go all Hulk on prey.
With the light switched off, the mice were mostly chill, sometimes even scurrying around their cages to avoid prey or toys made to resemble prey. But when the switch was on, things got ugly. Crickets in cages were attacked and beheaded, and plastic toys that looked like prey received powerful bites that would've been lethal.
Now how would you use this optogenetics to make humans do things other than attack their prey? Maybe certain lights are shined on people and they buy more stuff or become mind-less killers. This is entering very scary territory.

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