Monday, January 30, 2017

I Can Tell you Why Trump Isn't Following NSC Protocol: He is in a Big Damn Rush for Reasons Unknown

If there were a credible threat I can see the rush but not doing this is asking for trouble.
The first proof of this team's incompetence has been the drafting, vetting and implementation of their ban of people from any of seven nations entering the United States, including those that already live here. Whether or not you agree with the idea, which I do not, the chaos at airports around the country and the massive and spontaneous popular protest of the move might well have been avoided if the NSC system had been used to draft, vet and implement the idea. That system, properly employed, analyses proposals, identifies what will not work, prepares the groundwork with the Congress, media, and interest groups, and ensures that federal agencies are ready to carry out the new policy. Most importantly, the NSC system makes sure that any new policy is actually legal.
I bet Trump would have gotten distracted half-way through the "analyze proposals" stage. I can understand that he is a "man of action" but the best CEOs get all the facts before they pull the trigger. This whole "Muslim nation" ban thing was too quick by far and was implemented poorly. Now it is time for what a good CEO does. Write it off and re-do it after they get all the facts. It's not caving it is strategic re-assessment.

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