Monday, January 23, 2017

Holy Crap! The Ohio Class Submarine is the Worlds Deadliest Weapon?

I'm glad it's on our side.
If you do the math, the Ohio-class boats may be the most destructive weapon system created by humankind. Each of the 170-meter-long vessels can carry twenty-four Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) which can be fired from underwater to strike at targets more than seven thousand miles away depending on the load.

As a Trident II reenters the atmosphere at speeds of up to Mach 24, it splits into up to eight independent reentry vehicles, each with a 100- or 475-kiloton nuclear warhead. In short, a full salvo from an Ohio-class submarine—which can be launched in less than one minute—could unleash up to 192 nuclear warheads to wipe twenty-four cities off the map. This is a nightmarish weapon of the apocalypse.
In short one Ohio Class sub off the coast of North Korea could destroy every large city in that nation in less than a minute. We have 14 of these monsters. That is some scary stuff indeed. What's even scarier is this man can launch their payload at will.

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