Monday, January 23, 2017

The Dems are Still Missing the Point on the Working Class : #It's the Economy, Stupid

I think 2018 will be bad for the Dems unless they figure out what really went wrong.
“I think there’s a sense that some portion of the Democratic Party shares the blame for what happened,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told reporters. “The Democrats acquiesced in many ways to policies making people’s lives worse.”
He was referring obliquely to the legacy of former President Bill Clinton ― deregulating high finance, gutting welfare, feeding mass incarceration ― which leaders of a party ostensibly devoted to empowering the powerless have been reluctant to acknowledge
Okay this is exactly why Trump won working-class voters in the Midwest. They don't care about deregulating high finance. Jailing banksters does not help them get a job or bring back the plant or mill that left for Mexico. They don't want to be on welfare unless its absolutely necessary. Welfare amounts to failure in their eyes. And going to jail is incredibly shameful to them so mass incarceration doesn't factor into anything. 

Empowering the powerless (calling them powerless is an insult in itself) is protecting their good jobs and making sure that they don't leave for Mexico or China. This is exactly what Trump did and got their votes for it. Again Carville is 100% right when he says this.
“The Democratic coalition lives in the economy, all right?” former Bill Clinton campaign manager James Carville told reporters. “The idea that somehow it’s only white working-class people that live in an economy …  blacks, Hispanics, unmarried women, gay people ― they’re like everybody else.”
Yes and they all would like good jobs and a booming economy. They don't want minimum wage hikes or someone to call them "powerless." It was Carville who said "It's the economy stupid." Um Dems "It's the economy stupid." 

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