Monday, January 30, 2017

It Looks Like the "Muslim-ban" was half-assed and poorly thought out

All I can say is slow Down Donald. Don't implement things without getting your people in place first.
In all, it didn’t give the impression that the drafting and implementation of the immigration order had been terribly careful or cautious. Spicer all but admitted the government hadn’t taken much time to disseminate the policy and explain it to relevant officials before Trump signed the order: “What we couldn't do was telegraph our position ahead of time to ensure that people flooded in before that happened, before it went into place.”
The funny thing is that they thought terrorists would rush in if they announced the ban ahead of time. First of all if this is a well funded 9/11 style terrorist, they would be coming in via a South American, African or a European country so they won't be subject to this ban. Secondly they would probably have been home grown in the first place. This order would not have stopped San Bernadino or Orlando. It amounts to a feel-good measure that will probably not stop terror at all.

This also shows that the Trump White House is terrible with communication. They could have said they will stop the Syrian refugees because they were going to be crushing ISIS and making safe zones. If ISIS is defeated then the Syrians can stay in their homes instead of braving the US in the winter time. If they said this first this might have deflected some of the criticism. Instead they are rushing these orders out without thinking about them first. They need to slow things up and re-assess.

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