Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Boston Globe Reporter Shows Exactly Why People Don't Trust Globalists

I think this is case-in-point of the Ivory Tower mentality of the press in America.
To be clear, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with allowing US companies to take advantage of cheap Mexican labor. Indeed, it’s part of the point of agreements like NAFTA.
By moving operations to Mexico, businesses can save money and pass the savings onto consumers — in the form of affordable clothing and cars, for example. And in the process, the whole US economy can become more productive, shifting routine tasks to lower-skilled Mexican workers while freeing American employees to move into higher-skill industries.
The problem is these companies do not "pass the savings onto consumers" they simply buy back their stock or have it go into some other non-productive avenue. The idea that these workers can move into "higher-skill industries" is short-sighted as well. There needs to be some training program in place. And even then what a person learns on the assembly line does not translate to coding or some other booming industry. This part especially shows why the Dems lost the Midwest to Trump.
But note that there are over 145 million jobs across the United States, plus more than a million new ones in any decent year. Against this scale, 40,000 lost jobs barely registers, even when you account for the fact that many are concentrated in the Midwest. We don’t have a trade agreement with China, yet competition from that fast-rising country sucks away roughly 200,000 US jobs a year.
That is 40,000 families Mr. Globalist. They barely register in Boston but they devastate the Midwest. This same view sacrificed coal jobs to placate environmentalists. The idea that the working man had a place in the Democratic party seems to have been a fantasy from a bygone era.

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