Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Media Being Full of Crap: Washington Times Edition with a Side of David Muir Interview

Yeah the media is pretty much out to get Trump.
The mainstream media is in a hurry to delegitimize President Donald Trump, but in doing so may delegitimize itself.

Below are both egregious and minor examples of the press’s bias within the past few weeks. It’s not one example alone, but the confluence of all of them that’s so outlandish. Combined together, there’s little doubt about why Mr. Trump’s team may want to take a more combative tone with the working press:
They wanted Hillary and that is a fact. What was especially bad is how they treated Obama with kid gloves. I was watching the ABC interview with David Muir last night and what a freak-show that was. Muir must have asked him what seemed like a dozen times like an annoying child about that whole crowd size nonsense. Muir also had a perpetual scowl on the entire time. If Muir did this kind of combative interview with Obama he would be out of a job in a minute. You compare that to the grovelling way Charlie Rose asked Obama about the red-line in Syria and you have the narrative.

What really hit it home was Trump answered a question by saying he would get them the information later in the day. Then there was this voice-over saying as of whatever time they have not received the information. I have never seen something like that before on TV. They just couldn't wait to ding Trump on that. For whatever reason the sainted media never got whatever document by whatever arbitrary cut-off time and the viewers had to know.

In any case Trump needs to treat everyone in the main-stream media like the enemy because they certainly think he is one. Trump might need to pull a play out of the Obama playbook and only go on Fox News and avoid parasites like Muir and ABC.

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