Thursday, May 25, 2017

Well #Leakers to the @nytimes Might Have Finally Gone too Far by Publishing Bloody Bomb Fragments from Manchester Attack

Well I think the leakers have finally bitten off more they can chew.
On Wednesday, the New York Times outraged British police and government officials when it published photos appearing to show debris from the attack.
They included bloodstained fragments from the bomb and the backpack used to conceal it.
Greater Manchester Police were said to be "furious" and said they would stop sharing information with the US.
Its chief constable Ian Hopkins said the leak undermined the investigation and had distressed families "already suffering terribly with their loss".
Nothing like publishing a picture of murder weapon of 22 people for no particular reason. All it does is make things difficult for the Manchester Police Department. What makes it worse is the bomb fragment is streaked with blood so it makes things even more lurid and horrible. Is that the victims blood or the homicide bomber? The so-called Grey Lady "Paper of Record" is a joke.

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