Friday, May 19, 2017

American Bar Association Sends Letter saying Saudi Arms Deal is Illegal but Didn't Send one to Obama?

Ah here we go with the whats bad for Trump didn't effect Obama.
Obama approved a record-breaking $115 billion in arms sales to the Saudis during his time in office, but the country’s leaders frequently claimed he abandoned them because of his nuclear diplomacy with Iran and reluctance to strongly intervene in Syria. Trump is expected to speak of the military deal as a sign of a renewed commitment to the longtime U.S. partner ― even though he often criticized the Saudis on the campaign trail.
The Obama Saudi arms deal was approved in Sept 2016. The Saudi's have been bombing in Yemen since 2015. Its the same Saudis bombing the same Yemeni rebels in 2017. Where was the human rights arm of the Bar Association in Sept 2016? Oh if Obama is doing it then its quite legal or whatever. Case-in-point verson of a double standard.

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