Thursday, May 25, 2017

#FreedomCaucus Leader Mark Meadows Cries about Pre-existing Conditions: Um Cover them No Questions Asked Moron

This is the kind of thing that I hate about the stiff-necked "Freedom" Caucus in Congress.
The report said people with preexisting conditions in states that could accept a waiver under an AHCA provision could see their premiums skyrocket and even be priced out of the insurance market.
Byrd reported that Meadows was "surprised" when he was shown the section and he became "emotional" and "choked back tears" talking about his father's and sister's battles with cancer. 
Yes if they beat cancer they might never been able to get insurance again under a bill this guy just voted for. Hell, they actually embarrassed the President to vote for that garbage bill. And it is all to save some filthy lucre for insurance companies and to maybe cut rates by a few bucks.

Hopefully, the Senate bill will force them to cover pre-existing conditions with no waivers or opt-outs or other nonsense. Just say that this was one of the good things of Obamacare and move forward. I don't mind paying more for insurance so that if Rep. Meadows father and sister actually beat cancer (which is a high probability with CAR-T and cancer immunotherapy) they would have been able to buy insurance again. Cover them no questions asked.

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