Monday, May 01, 2017

Another Victim of LaVar Ball's Meglomania: Chino Hills (Calif.) head coach, Stephan Gilling

I guess placating an insane person is more important than it is coaching kids.
The firing came after Gilling and Ball feuded for much of the season. Ball resorted to taking multiple public shots at Gilling when the Huskies' season ended shy of a state championship. Their relationship soured after a disagreement in a Las Vegas tournament, escalating with Ball's refusal to leave the team's locker room.
It must have been nuts dealing with Ball during that season. I guess Gilling can just coach at a different school that does not have crazy parents bothering him. You can tell where Chino Hills High has its bread buttered as well.
In March, Chino Hills athletic director Jeff Schuld said that the school would side with Gilling over Ball despite Ball's public claims that Gilling would be replaced. Gilling, though, would be fired four weeks later.
Chino Hills will now look for its third head basketball coach in three seasons.
Yes, three coaches in three seasons says more about the school than the coaches. I think they are wanting to get that recognition as the school that had 3 NBA "stars" than the one that kept its commitments. Maybe they should just hire LaVar Ball and see if he can do better than 30-3. I mean Ball claims he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one.

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