Tuesday, May 16, 2017

#Alexa Just added a Feature that Might Get Me to Buy It: It Reads Notifications Now

Hmm, this would be super useful.
Alexa is the first to get this sort of functionality, and it's one that Siri and Google Assistant still lack. Owners of the Amazon Echo will soon be able to walk in the front door and ask it to read out any notifications from various third parties, such as the latest headlines from The Washington Post or weather threats from AccuWeather. (Imagine if you could just place your iPhone or Android phone on the counter and ask it to do the same.)
I would set it up to query ETrade so I would be able to have it tell me if my stocks were up or down when I wake up. Even if all it says is "Your stocks are green today" I would like it. Or have it say "The Price of Oil is $47 a barrel or something like that." It would also be nice to have it read stories about my stocks as well.

Then I would set for the "News of the Day." Kind of like a talk radio setup without the endless commercials and such. It would be nice to curate stories as well so I would avoid those WaPo headlines mentioned in the article above.

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