Tuesday, May 02, 2017

@MarkWarner ‏Gives 2 to 1 Odds that Trump Impeached in First Term: Forgets GOP in Charge of Congress

Um sorry Mr Senator the GOP will not be impeaching the President under any circumstances.
Senator Mark Warner, the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, privately told friends he puts the odds at two to one against the President completing a full term, the New Yorker reported.
Mr Warner's spokesperson did not deny he had made the remarks, but told the paper the Senator was "not referring specifically to the Russia investigation, but rather the totality of challenges the President is currently facing."
I really think he should recuse himself from the Senate Intelligence Committee because this kind of musing does not sound like he can be impartial. In any case if the Dems are stupid enough to bring articles on impeachment I'm pretty sure they will be defeated soundly and then have a disaster on their hands in 2018. It is a ticket to a filibuster proof margin for the GOP as they can get.  

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