Thursday, May 11, 2017

St. Olaf College Racist Note Turns out to be a Hoax

You pay $44,180 a year for this kind of nonsense.
A note that used the n-word and threatened a black female student at St. Olaf College — sparking an intense protest that led to classes being shut down for a day as student demonstrators accused the school of institutional racism — “was not a genuine threat,” the school’s president said Wednesday.
What is interesting is a racist hoax created real racism in its wake.
Protesters also put up signs that included language such as “I’m sick of white tears” and “F*ck your white complacency.”
“The campus admins are allowing the commons area to become a bulletin board of complaints against white people. No action has been taken to remove the signs, and no students dare to touch them since there are newly-installed cameras everywhere,” a student who emailed The Fix said.
They even had a side-order of big bother added in as well. Hopefully the hoaxer will have some sort of consequences brought against her. Faking racism is a bad deal.

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