Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wait Breast Milk Might Cure Cancer? Something called alpha-lactalbumin in It Kills Cancer Cells

Now this is an interesting bit of accidental science.
The accidental discovery of the effects of a breast milk compound, nicknamed “Hamlet” by scientists, could mean a more effective and targeted way to kill cancerous tumor cells.
Researchers from the University of Lunt in Sweden have revealed some positive results after studying the effects Hamlet has on bladder cancer patients. In the early trials, those injected with the compound began to shed dead tumor cells through their urine within days.
“There’s something magical about Hamlet’s ability to target tumor cells and kill them,” Dr. Catharina Svanborg told the Daily Mail.
But the discovery came completely by accident while the team was researching antibiotics.
The breast milk contained something called alpha-lactalbumin which kills cancer cells. I wonder if that compound can be used for other types of cancer. Bladder cancer is no joke so if something can be used to kill it we might have something very good on our hands.

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