Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dems go on Fishing Expedition looking for Trump Loans at Deutsche Bank

Here we go again. The Dems looking for anything at all to hit Trump with.
In a letter Tuesday to Deutsche U.S. CEO John Cryan, five legislators ask for results from internal reviews the bank conducted on matters relating to Russia. One involves the "mirror trading" scandal for which Deutsche already has paid $630 million in fines, the other being personal accounts for Trump family members at the bank.
The letter from members of the House Financial Services Committee seeks more transparency on the trading scandal and information on "whether loans Deutsche Bank made to President Trump were guaranteed by the Russian Government, or were in any way connected to Russia."
So they are asking for more information on something DB already paid a fine over as well as bank statements for Trump family members with the absence of a crime? That is what I call Congressional Overreach and should show what a Dem Congress could be in 2018. They will just waste everyone's time and try to pull these kinds of stunts. This is a hilarious statement as well:
Though the letter is posted on the committee's website, it does not appear to have bipartisan support, nor is it clear whether the committee could compel Deutsche to provide the information.
Yeah, I wonder what law allows Congress to get banking records of an American citizen when they haven't even committed a crime? This is fishing at its best. 

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