Wednesday, May 03, 2017

GOP Coming to the Realization that Obamacare cannot be Repealed. I Guess Only a Retool is in Order

Well at least they are becoming more realistic.
Some Republicans appear to be losing hope in the party's ability to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina suggested as much on Tuesday, saying that a "full repeal was, in essence, a pipe dream from the very start."
Sanford made the comments during an interview with Vice News reporter Alexandra Jaffe.
He is 100% right. They cannot just repeal everything now that certain things like preexisting conditions are non-negotiable. I guess all those futile repeal votes the GOP did in the Obama years were not even held credible by the people voting for them. In any case they need to drop all repeal and replace talk and simply do a retool it instead. Fix the high prices and such and move on to tax reform.

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