Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Self-Proclaimed Liberal Elitist Actually Speaks Truth to Power: Required Reading if the Dems Want to Win back Congress

This has to be the most cogently written post-mortem by a self-titled liberal elitist that I have ever read. It is a strait-up must read for Coastal Liberal elitists.
There are plenty of liberals out there in middle America, and plenty of liberalish moderates, and plenty of people who lean conservative but who aren’t consumed by rage and who think Barack Obama is a pretty cool guy and who might even have voted for him. These people are potential allies. But before the alliance can be struck, elite liberals need to recognize a fundamental truth: All of these people in middle America, even the actual liberals, have very different sensibilities than elite liberals who live on the coasts.
They also hate when liberals on the coast belittle them and say they "cling to guns and religion" who live in "fly-over states." I am actually in that last group not consumed with rage and think Obama was a pretty decent guy. I didn't vote for him either time but I don't think he destroyed America or other nonsense. I think a black guy winning two terms just a few hundred years since we were a slave owning nation (and a few decades from separate drinking fountains) is quite an achievement.

I think the leftward movement on civil and gender rights and such is a move in the right direction. For the most part I think letting Larry and Steve marry doesn't destroy the family or needs the constitution changed to break them up. I don't want the government to crack down on states rights in the sale marijuana. So I can fit directly into the lean Conservative that could be a "potential ally" of this fellow. 

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