Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Sorry @Marvel your Reassurances Mean Nothing: Making Captain America a Nazi is Unforgivable #BoycottMarvel

Marvel is back-peddling like mad because fans are pissed off.
Marvel’s new big event Secret Empire officially begins tomorrow, but an immense level of backlash has been leveled at the company’s use of a symbolic figure like Captain America as the villainous head of Hydra, an organization affiliated with Nazis. It’s gotten to the point where Marvel has had to release an official statement in an attempt to reassure fans.
Not even "affiliated" they are an actual offshoot of the Nazi party if you read Marvels canon. "Hail Hydra" is modeled after the Nazi Salute. All of the famous Marvel Nazis (Red Skull, Baron Stucker, Arnim Zola) were all members of Hydra.

Making Captain America a Nazi is the lowest of the low and is only there to sell books and stir controversy. Until they fire whoever came up with this "spitting in the face of an American icon" I'm never buying another Marvel book. 

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