Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Senate Finance Committee Kills Public Option

It is good that someone is finally coming to the understanding that reducing costs and going into the insurance business have nothing to do with each other.

The 15-8 rejection marked a victory for Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., the committee chairman, who is hoping to push his middle-of-the-road measure through the panel by week's end. It also kept alive the possibility that at least one Republican may yet swing behind the bill, a key goal of both Baucus and the White House.

I have to hand it the Baucus for standing up against the liberals in his own party. He wants to get a bill through that will get 60 votes and he knows he has to make compromises.

If these Dems are so worried about insurance companies denying coverage put some kind of grievance committee in place. Give them enforcement power to pull the insurance license of any insurer found to be denying coverage. The idea that they can't sell their product if they are screwing people over will stop those sorts of practices. In the words of Grand Moff Tarkin "Fear will keep them in line!"

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