Thursday, September 03, 2009

Obama Scales Back Indoctrination on Speech to School Kids

I encourage the President to speak to kids about staying in school but some of the course-material provided by the DOE was like something that came out of North Korea.

It appears there are two versions of the preparatory materials for the president's address to schoolchildren floating around, one with language urging teachers to have students write letters to themselves about how they can help the president, and a second changing that to letters to themselves about achieving their short- and long-term education goals.

How could I help the President? I'll give him some words of advice.

1. Tack to the center like Clinton did and throw Pelosi and Reid under the bus. Just don't mess with the interns and everything will be all right.

2. Get some sleep and tell your staffers to do the same. I think many of the missteps including the "police acted stupidly" in the Gates-affair can be chalked up to lack of sleep.

3. Try to refrain from being the news every day. In other words putter around the Oval Office, walk the Water dog, or play some golf with no reporters in sight. Part of the reason why you have 40% approval ratings is we see you everywhere we go.

4. Do not outsource anything further to Congress they cannot be trusted. You should have wrote the health care bill and the stimulus and gave Congress their marching orders. Having to sell something that Congress is making will always be a losing issue. The problem is that you take the heat when they fail and they will fail. Americans elected *you* to lead and not Pelosi and Reid.

5. Do something, anything to instill trust in government. That is why ObamaCare is failing and anything else you want will fail as well. Americans don't trust any of you and for good reason.

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