Monday, September 21, 2009

General Feingold Tries to Tie the Hands of General McChrystal

No wait Russ Feingold is a Senator not a General so he shouldn't be popping off about this kind of thing like he was commanding troops in the field.

But "spending billions more dollars and sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan may not significantly improve conditions on the ground and may actually prove counterproductive in stabilizing Pakistan and fighting Al-Qaeda in the region and around the world," said the senator.

I'm sure Feingold knows all about the "conditions on the ground" much more then a career military man like General McChrystal. I mean the General is just a foremost expert in counter-insurgency tactics and Feingold was a former lawyer. So of course the Senator knows more.

Also if the Senator had his way we shouldn't be spending billions of dollars to prevent the Taliban can retake Afghanistan and start beheading people again. I mean that money could be used for ACORN scumbags to be counseling pimps for underage prostitution.

Maybe this is "Feingolds Plan" for raising Obama's flagging popularity numbers. I mean if we pulled out of Afghanistan and Al-Quida rearmed then attacked us in the US again then Obama would have 90% approval numbers like Bush had after 9/11. I can't see any other reason to be tying the hands of Generals commanding troops in the field other than this.

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