Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama Butching Up? Let's hope so for the Sake of Afghanistan

I guess the media is taking the UN and the G20 meetings to say that Obama is starting to look like he is tougher.

The president, who did agree to individual meetings with leaders from Japan, Russia and China, is rumored to be perturbed at Brown for the way he recently handled the Scottish government's decision to release the man convicted in the Pan Am/Lockerbie bombing, a terrorist act in which almost 200 Americans lost their lives.

So he is rebuffing the leader of our closest ally to show his displeasure? I know that Obama seemed to dislike Brown from way back but this is ridiculous. We need British troop commitments in Afghanistan and freezing out the PM doesn't help anyone.

On the home front, Obama recently made waves for allegedly pushing unpopular New York Governor David Paterson toward resigning and not running for office in 2010, opening the door for New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the son of former Governor Mario Cuomo, to run as the the Democratic Party nominee.

I have no idea why he went after a fellow Dem like Paterson so quickly but he must have done something to ruffle the feathers of the White House. I hope this butching up will extend to facing his own parties criticism if he commits more troops to Afghanistan. I mean Obama doesn't seem like he would tie his own generals hands so hopefully he will go with any escalation if there is a chance we can get out of Afghanistan as winners.

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