Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Man that Could Destroy What is Left of John Edwards

Now this is one sad tale of a sycophantic aide that the pretty much gave his life to the Edwards and was repaid with scorn and ridicule.

When John Edwards returned to North Carolina in the course of his long quest for the presidency, Andrew Young always met him at the airport in Edwards’s big black Chevy Tahoe. Young drove, and Edwards rode shotgun, silently raising his left hand whenever he wanted a Diet Coke, which Young would wordlessly supply.

When Edwards and his family arrived home, Young had made sure there was fresh milk in the fridge, a neatly trimmed lawn and neatly folded dry cleaning. When he arranged their vacation to Disney World in 2004, he naturally booked himself a ticket. And when Edwards’s mistress became pregnant, Young — at the cost of his reputation, his wife’s and his minister father’s — stepped forward to say the child was his.

This guy even claimed to be the father of Edward's illegitimate child much to the consternation of his own wife and the humiliation of his kids. Then the Edwards' tossed him out like garbage after he didn't reassert his claim to paternity. Now this bombshell will change Edwards from one of the 10,000 cheating politicians into a nationwide laughingstock:

And Young, with all the fury of a spurned lover, may be holding out yet another threat to his old idol, if it comes to that: an explicit videotape, two people who have seen it said, of Edwards and Hunter together.

“It’s his hole card,” said the source.

I mean Edwards will join the ranks of Screech, Tommy Lee, and Paris Hilton on the bottom rung of celebrities hiding from an ill advised sex tape. He went from the Democratic Presidential contender to the porn shop in a few short years.

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