Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More about the Pair that Destroyed ACORN

Yup they are only in their early 20s and did something that CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, or even Fox News was not able to do. They were able to pull off a sting operation on a corrupt organization with $1300 and a chinchilla coat borrowed from someones grandmother.

In real life, Hannah Giles, 20, isn't a lady of the night. She's a minister's daughter studying journalism at Florida International University.

And James E. O'Keefe III, 25, a Fordham MBA student from New Jersey, isn't a pimp so much as a provocateur -- determined to expose what he sees as the hypocrisies and moral lapses of liberals by employing their own tactics against them.

The pair met last year on Facebook after O'Keefe posted his own gotcha videos, showing Planned Parenthood employees agreeing to his request to earmark his donations for the abor tions of African-American babies.

I think this statement is going to be prophetic:

O'Keefe contends their tactics are "the future of activism and investigative reporting."

"This is now my full-time job," he said.

Yup I think the far left needs to watch their back. A couple of college kids with a hidden camera has done more damage to their agenda then a 100 special prosecutors and 10,000 news media members and the entire GOP. I hope they go after the hate-mongers at the SEIU next.

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