Monday, September 21, 2009

The Leftists Spread the HealthCare Astroturf

It is so funny to hear how Pelosi and the Leftists calling the tea-partiers astroturf when they are the ones spreading it deep.

We need bodies on the sidewalk. We need to demonstrate our passion about health care reform and the public option. Help get out the progressive message: take part in a demonstration Tuesday, Sept. 22 at noon across from Union Station, in front of the WellPoint offices.

Don’t bother bringing a sign. HCAN is supplying them. They prefer a sea of large, easy to read signs and a consistent message.

HCAN is an acronym for Health Care for America Now which is a group sponsored by the SEIU, ACORN, MoveOn, and other leftists organizations. I wonder if ACORN will have their pimp councillors at this rally?

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