Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Kabul Embassy Guards Run Like "Lord of the Flies"

Just what we need to guard our State Department people in Afghanistan.

Guards have come to POGO with allegations and photographic evidence that some supervisors and guards are engaging in near-weekly deviant hazing and humiliation of subordinates. Witnesses report that the highest levels of AGNA management in Kabul are aware of and have personally observed—or even engaged in—these activities, but have done nothing to stop them. Indeed, management has condoned this misconduct, declining to take disciplinary action against those responsible and allowing two of the worst offending supervisors to resign and allegedly move on to work on other U.S. contracts. The lewd and deviant behavior of approximately 30 supervisors and guards has resulted in complete distrust of leadership and a breakdown of the chain of command, compromising security.

In other words fire everyone and have them tried if there was any wrongdoing. The last thing we need is some suicide bomber sneaking into the embassy because some commanding officer was drunk or fooling around.

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