Thursday, September 24, 2009

AIDS Vaccine Coming Closer to a Reality

This is good news for poorer nations that seem to have the highest rates of new AIDS cases.

The study tested the two-vaccine combination in a "prime-boost" approach, in which the first one primes the immune system to attack HIV and the second one strengthens the response.

They are ALVAC, from Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine division of French drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis; and AIDSVAX, originally developed by VaxGen Inc. and now held by Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases, a nonprofit founded by some former VaxGen employees.

This could be a great boon for Sanofi-Aventis (SNY) if governments start to pay them for stores of these vaccines. We might even see a "wipe out polio" style worldwide vaccination attempt if nations work together.

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