Monday, August 31, 2009

New York Times Facebook "Exodus" is Reporters Friends

Now I figure the "paper of record" would rely on more then just a few acquaintances to consider something an "exodus."

What follows is several different people saying what they don't like about Facebook. Who are these people? They aren't explained or titled, or even always named. But we are given one qualification for their inclusion in this journalistic item: they are "My friend Alex... Another friend..."

No experts are cited, no online authorities. Well-known Facebook critics aren't invoked. There's a single academic reference tacked on at the end, perhaps as nod towards the idea that, maybe, somewhere, someone else has expressed criticism of Facebook.

In short a New York Times article, an article from The Newspaper of Record, is based entirely on a reporter talking to her chums.

Are there any editors at this paper that actually reads these articles and push their reporters to interview someone other then their friends. I guess the New York Times and the Mililani High School Trojan Times have more in common then you might think.

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